NRA Team to the Channel Islands 2007

   Diaries from the tour. (Will appear as they become available)

The victorious NRA team in Jersey

  Photos from the tour
Full scoresheet
 Jersey Match Results.
 Guernsey Match Results.

 Jersey Match Team selection.
 Guernsey Match Team selection.

Diaries are written by the "Scribe of the day" and are a personal view.
Day 7 (Tuesday) - Post match relaxation and celebration
Day 6 (Monday) - NRA vs Jersey
Day 5 (Sunday) - Individual events in Jersey
Day 4 (Saturday) - NRA vs Guernsey
Day 3 (Friday) - Fog cancelled all shooting
Day 2 (Thursday) - R&R
Day 1 (Wednesday) - The journey out.

The team's tour brochure. (3.4Mb)



28/5/2007 NRA team beat Jersey 1172 to 1168 in extremely strong winds. Morning shoots cancelled, they were too strong. Details later
27/5/2007 Long range at Les Landes is cancelled due to foul weather. Rest of the day spent at Crabbe (short range).
26/5/2007 The NRA team beat Guernsey in strong winds. 1176.139 to Guernsey's 1164.143
25/5/2007 Shooting cancelled! Fog rolled in off the sea all day!
24/5/2007 We have a relaxing day off ten pin bowling and go karting in preparation for the start of the matches tomorrow
23/5/2007 We arrive safely in Guernsey