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Booking a target

Club, Association, School or Official Team Bookings
If you are a nominated official please use the online booking service, quoting your affiliation number. You will need to log in to the NRA website,and access the Range Bookings section of your homepage.If you have any questions as to how to book, please look at the FAQ section , then call the Range Office on 01483 797777 on ext 152 if your query remains unanswered.

Individual Bookings
Bookings can also be made in person at the Range Office, by email or by telephone on 01483 797777 ext. 152. You will need to have ready the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your NRA number
  • The date you want to shoot
  • AM or PM
  • What type of shooting, range or distance you require
  • If you need a marker
  • The online service will be extended to individual bookings in 2010.

    Range Office Practice Target Bookings
    These are available in 1 hour slots at a variety of distances at weekends. If the demand increases they may also be running on a Wednesday and Friday afternoon. This service is only available to individual members of the NRA and you will need to produce your NRA membership card when you pay for the target.

    Click here to view upcoming dates. Please contact the Range Office by telephone - 01483 797777 ext. 152 or by email to confirm availability on the day of your choice.

    Signing In
    When you arrive at the Range office you will need to do the following:

    Inform the staff that you have arrived. They will then confirm your target number and issue you with a radio if necessary. They will brief you on any relevant points that may affect you (e.g. reverse echelon shooting). You will need to complete the yellow booking in sheet if shooting on the Century or Stckledown ranges, the blue form for Short Siberia and the pink sheet if shooting on the pistol ranges. This is to confirm that you understand and agree to comply with the range regulations. After you have finished shooting you will need to sign off on this sheet and also complete your attendance record card.


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