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Accommodation Information

Accomodation is available in a variety of options, including tent sites, caravan sites, dormitories and huts (2-4 beds).

The National Shooting Centre (NSC) at Bisley has a wide variety of accommodation facilities. These can be let for a short term basis (no longer than 14 days continuously) to the National Rifle Association (NRA) members and non-members in support of shooting activities at Bisley camp.

All accommodation is listed on the booking page. We offer a range of different rooms including ensuite with bedding located in the Pavilion.

All camping and caravanning is welcome on site please see our terms and conditions for the rules of the site.

Well behaved dogs are welcome; however no Pets are permitted in any accommodation rooms.

Please read all terms and conditions before making a reservation Click Here

For all group bookings please call the accommodation supervisor on 01483 797777 extension 135.

Click Here to book accommodation on Bisley Camp

If you are camping at Bisley you can download map of Camping areas at Bisley Camp here to pick your pitch

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