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Overseas Team Fund - Background
What is the OTF?
The OTF is a “restricted” fund held by the NRA which provides financial support to all “official” Great Britain and NRA teams competing outside the United Kingdom. The fund has its origins in a small post tour surplus from the late 1930s. Through donations and, since the 1970s, through active fundraising, it now (30-9-04) has reserves of some £125,000, producing £6,000 a year in interest. This, together with an additional £20,000 raised each year from various fund raising projects is used to make grants to teams. The OTF’s detailed accounts are published in the Spring Journal each year and show the grants made as well as the sources of the funds. The OTF supports all NRA disciplines sending international teams abroad. These currently include TR, MR, F Class and Historical Rifle, with TR embracing GB, GB U25, GB Veterans and NRA teams.
How are Grants made from the OTF?
The fund is administered by the NRA Team Finance Committee (TFC). The TFC initiates and co-ordinates all fund raising for the OTF and allocates the available funds each year to teams, balancing these against the needs of the teams requiring funding over the next few years. The Grant for each team depends upon the duration of a tour, and the team budget.
What is the Team Finance Committee - TFC?
The TFC is a sub–committee of the NRA Shooting Committee and its primary purpose is to provide financial support and advice for all Great Britain and NRA touring teams in disciplines where the NRA is the Governing Body. The Committee members cover all the NRA disciplines competing overseas and have experience of touring abroad, most often as a GB Captain. The TFC meets formally twice a year to decide on the allocation of grants, to agree on ways in which more support can be given to teams and to assist the organizers of the various projects.
Until 2004 the TFC also dealt with the allocation of the Sports Council grant received via the Great Britain Target Shooting Federation. Due to a change in Government policy teams no longer qualify for support. Loss of this grant has left a gap which teams have, for the moment, to fill by their own fundraising from sponsorship and events such as corporate days.
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