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Firearms Licensing Fee
There has been flurry of press coverage regarding Firearms Fees and the NRA is actively involved in British Shooting Sports Council (BSSC) discussions with the Home Office on this subject. The following statement from BSSC Secretary, David Penn, sets out our position:-

'The national shooting associations offered an inflationary rise and proposed annual fees reviews four years ago, but these need to be proportionate and in line with Treasury guidelines. These permit charging for the cost of issuing the firearm or shotgun certificate, but not enforcement costs, so 'full cost recovery' is not an option.

To base fee increases on the cost of the existing admittedly inefficient and partially manual system is not appropriate, since it will be superseded by a computerised and on line 'eCommerce' system in 2015. This system (which will be applied to a wide range of police activities, not just firearms licensing) has only recently been developed to the point where it could be used to calculate licensing costs. Force to force, licensing practices and thus expenditures have varied considerably, bedevilling any attempt at establishing costs. The police are well aware of the need to address this aspect and the College of Policing has just issued an Authorised Professional Practice document designed to achieve the delivery of 'an efficient licensing process that is proportionate, rigorous, cost effective, fair and timely'.

Looking forward, these changes will form the basis for establishing equitable fees for our firearms licensing system.

Andrew Mercer Secretary General

Updated: 24-Apr-14 (Original posting: 24-Apr-14)
E-petition to allow ownership & use of .22 calibre Rimfire Pistols

Please find below a link to an e-petition to allow the ownership and use of .22 calibre Rimfire pistols for sporting purposes in England, Wales and Scotland.

Click here to complete the e-petition.

Updated: 17-Apr-14 (Original posting: 17-Apr-14)
Announcement regarding NRA Open Days 2014

We have reviewed the format and delivery of the popular NRA Open Days for 2014 in response to the recent rapid growth in our membership.
Training and the encouragement in participation in the broadest range of target shooting disciplines are key priorities for us this year.

We have arranged a programme of 'Discipline Days' for NRA members that deliver enjoyable and professional introductions to disciplines including Civilian Service Rifle, F Class, Gallery Rifle & Pistol, Target Shotgun and Target Rifle.

Further details of these events will be posted to the NRA website in due course. We have also embarked upon a programme of investment in Bisley Camp including the creation of a new training centre, new visitor centre, and the upgrading of roads and general range facilities.

As a consequence we will not be hosting the May and September Open Days this year. There are many guests who have attended the Open Days over the years and I hope they will take the plunge and join as members of the NRA to enjoy the great sport of Target Shooting.

We are planning to organise an Open Day for next year - put the date of Saturday 2nd May 2015 in your diary; vouchers carried over from 2013 can be redeemed then.

Andrew Mercer

Secretary General

Updated: 21-Mar-14 (Original posting: 16-Apr-14)
To all members

Please note that due to Friday 18th April being Good Friday, the ranges will be closed. They will be open as normal Sat 19th - Sun 20th April 2014.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Range Office

The NCSC Clays complex will be open during Good Friday.

Updated: 16-Apr-14 (Original posting: 14-Apr-14)
Civ SR Winter League 2013/14 Final Results
The Civilian Service Rifle Winter League 2013/14 was completed on 5 April. 694 shooters competed in four classes over 7 months. Congratulations to the winners and to all who took part:

1st Doug Cross 993.47
2nd Blair Drummond 904.54
3rd James Geering 901.66

1st Bob Wightman 1000.00
2nd David Moran 807.16
3rd Wayne Daysh 655.60

Practical Optic
1st Adrian Newberry 986.11
2nd Martin Camp 981.87
3rd Colin Hudson 953.54

Service Optic
1st Peter Cottrell 999.57
2nd Bill Ellis 964.87
3rd Adam Chapman 947.62

The entry forms for the Imperial Civ SR, Methuen and Falling Plates are available on the home page under Imperial 2014.

Updated: 10-Apr-14 (Original posting: 10-Apr-14)
The NRA introduces a new Membership database

The NRA is rolling out a new Membership database for use by the in-house team and members alike. Over the coming months it will be taking over the features currently available through the current 'MyHome' area.

Click here for details of how to use the new system.

Updated: 08-Apr-14 (Original posting: 08-Apr-14)
Results of the Civilian Service Rifle event (5 April 14)

Here are the results for the shoot on April 5th:

Download AM results

Download PM results

Download Aggregate results

Download Final League Results

Updated: 09-Apr-14 (Original posting: 08-Apr-14)
Bisley on TV

You might be interested to hear that Bisley was on TV recently. The 'garage' used right at the start and throughout the first episode of the new series of Endeavour, was in fact a building at Bisley ranges near the Inns of Court that was adapted for the occasion.

Other buildings used were the Menagerie Hut and Cadets Hut at IOC. Interior scenes were filmed in sets constructed within the Menagerie Hut and IOC Cadets Hut, many of which will be seen to be pivotal to the whole story line of this series.
They also filmed outside huts on D-Line just before Stickledown / Melville Ranges.

It is still available to watch on ITVPlayer if you missed it.

Updated: 03-Apr-14 (Original posting: 03-Apr-14)
To all shooters We are making progress with the Melville Range refurbishment, however there is still a lot to do.

Melville is shut this weekend 5th - 6th April, the stop butt reengineering is completed, drainage half done, new mini mantlets finished, upgraded protection walls for 25 yard turners completed, and works to double up and clad the sleeper walls commenced.

Staff have a great deal to do between now and the 25th of this month and scheduling the works is not a precise science. We would ask for your continued patience as the work is for the good and benefit of all Range users.

We will keep all members updated on the progress via this website.

Range Office

Updated: 02-Apr-14 (Original posting: 02-Apr-14)
RULE 150

Members may be aware of a lively debate surrounding Rule 150 (Target Rifle : Firearms, Ammunition, Equipment, Targets and Techniques) - specifically on issues pertaining to throat length and throat diameter.

For the avoidance of doubt I can confirm:-

(1) The 2014 edition of the NRA Handbook (the Bible) has no changes to Rule 150 from 2013.

(2) We are in discussions with the British Proof Houses to ascertain whether further trials and tests are required to improve the understanding of the relationship between throat dimensions and pressure.

(3) An independent review is being commissioned to examine the various changes to Rule 150 since the 1999 Proof House Memorandum that established the current exemptions from standard CIP dimensions.

I hope this is helpful; further updates will be posted as appropriate.

Andrew Mercer
Secretary General

Updated: 02-Apr-14 (Original posting: 02-Apr-14)
PACEC Shooting Sports Economic Survey

Please accept our grateful thanks to all members who completed the PACEC shooting sports economic survey - to date 1,973 NRA members responded out of a total from all shooting organisations (including BASC, Countryside Alliance, CPSA, NGO and NSRA) of 11,370.

PACEC received a good number of robust comments about the structure of the survey from NRA members - thank you for helping raise target shooting's profile in this important survey, due for publication later this year.

Andrew Mercer
Secretary General

Updated: 01-Apr-14 (Original posting: 01-Apr-14)
ARMY OPEN - 3/4 May 2014 - ENTRIES

Please note any entries or queries regarding the ARMY Open should be sent to

1. All comers welcome.
2. ICFRA regulations apply. Sighters are convertible. Issued ammunition must be returned with cases.
3. .308win or .223 Rem in accordance with ICFRA may be used. Handloads permitted and may be checked. 308 projectiles must be under 156 grains, .223 MUST be under 81 grains. 90 GRAINS EXPLICITLY NOT PERMITTED AND COMPETITORS FOUND EXCEEDING THESE WILL BE REPORTED TO NRA DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE.

Please see Calendar entry for more details and entry form.

Updated: 01-Apr-14 (Original posting: 01-Apr-14)
Discipline Days - Introduction to Target Shotgun

Click here for full details.

Updated: 31-Mar-14 (Original posting: 31-Mar-14)
Discipline Day - Introduction to Gallery Rifle

Click here for full details.

Updated: 31-Mar-14 (Original posting: 31-Mar-14)
NRA Spring Action Weekend Results

Download SAW Prize Lists

Download SAW Results

Download Mini McQueen results

Updated: 07-Apr-14 (Original posting: 26-Mar-14)
To All Shooters

The practice of deliberate shooting at the new Century Range Numbers must stop. Butts 11,12 and 13 have only been used for one weekend, and already there are a large quantity of shot holes in numbers 1 to 24, some of them are deliberate, others are the product of members shooting with rifles that have not been zeroed.

We are investing quite a substantial amount of money in the new numbers and to have them deliberately shot at will only make them deteriorate quicker and shorten their life span.

All members are therefore requested to refrain from deliberately shooting at the numbers and to ensure that they know what their sight settings are,and if unsure use the zero range.

Any one caught carrying out this irresponsible behaviour will face disciplinary action. The NRA would like to ask all Range users to be extra vigilant and report this and any other inappropriate behaviour to the Range Office without delay.

Range Office

Updated: 28-Mar-14 (Original posting: 26-Mar-14)
To all shooters

Due to the Melville Range refurbishment this facility will now be closed for all shooting during the week from now until the 25th April 2014. This will not affect the weekend bookings.

This maintenance and refurbishment is essential and long over due. Hopefully as the work progresses we will be able to open up bays one at a time to allow shooting to take place. We will inform all members of the progress via this website.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused to you and your clubs.

Range Office

Updated: 26-Mar-14 (Original posting: 26-Mar-14)
NRA Signed Accounts for 2013

The audited Annual Report and Accounts of the Association for the year ended 31st December 2013 were approved by Trustees on Saturday 15th March 2014 - follow the link below.

I can report the following:-

  • The result for the year is surplus on unrestricted funds of 340,905.
  • We have made decent progress in the year to improve cash balances and clear borrowings; collect debts as they fall due; and reduce reliance on professional advisors.
  • Considerable efforts have been expended to correctly allocate income and expenditure in 2013 but we have not revisited / restated 2012 allocations - this makes some of the year on year comparisons look a little odd but will help consistency in future years.
Andrew Mercer

Secretary General

Click Here to download a copy.

Updated: 21-Mar-14 (Original posting: 21-Mar-14)
Journal - Imperial Entry Forms
The current NRA journal mistakenly reported there was an Imperial Entry Form included - this error had been spotted by the editorial team but alas lost by the publisher. The 2014 Imperial entry forms have been produced and will be distributed as follows:-

(1) Competitors who usually enter manually by post, letters and entry forms have been sent directly to you
(2) Competitors who usually enter online, we will email you with the link when the online form is available (expected by the end of March 2014)

Please contact NRA offices if you would like a hard copy of the entry forms.

Updated: 21-Mar-14 (Original posting: 21-Mar-14)
GB & NRA Team Captains - nominations invited


Nominations are invited for Captains of the following teams:

Great Britain Under 25 Captain 2014
NRA Team to the Channel Islands 2015
Great Britain Match Rifle Team to Australia 2016
Nominations in writing, signed by three proposers all of whom must be full annual or life members of the NRA, must be received by the Secretary General not later than 5pm on 17th April 2014.(This date has been adjusted from the date published in the Spring Journal.

Nominations to be sent to

Updated: 20-Mar-14 (Original posting: 20-Mar-14)
GB Veterans Rifle Team World Championships 2015

The SQUAD has been selected from which the Great Britain Veterans Rifle Team will be chosen for the 2015 World Veterans Individual and Team Championships in August 2015 at Camp Perry, Ohio, USA.

Download the squad

Updated: 14-Mar-14 (Original posting: 14-Mar-14)
Long-Range Small-Bore Match - entries invited

Can you shoot your small-bore rifle out to 500yds?
Test your long-range skills by entering this event!

Click here to see more.

Updated: 11-Mar-14 (Original posting: 11-Mar-14)
Chairman of the Association : John Webster

I am pleased to announce that John Webster has been elected as Chairman of the Association, replacing Dr Robin Pizer who recently stood down.

John first shot at Bisley in 1972 and continues to regularly compete at county, national and international levels. He has enjoyed a successful career in financial services and investment banking and brings a wealth of commercial, sporting and charitable experience to his new role as Chairman of the National Rifle Association.

He is passionate about the many disciplines that form the sport of target shooting; recognises the rich history of the NRA; and is determined to improve the reputation of the NRA and invest for the benefit of current and future generations of shooters.

The Trustees and staff are delighted to welcome John to his new role and look forward to working with him to address the many challenges and opportunities facing the NRA and target shooting community.

Andrew Mercer
Secretary General

Updated: 11-Mar-14 (Original posting: 11-Mar-14)
CSR Winter League 2013-2014 Results to date (March)
CSR Winter League 2013-2014 Results to date

Download results

Updated: 05-Mar-14 (Original posting: 05-Mar-14)
Results of the Civilian Service Rifle event (2 Mar 14)

Here are the results for the shoot on March 2nd:

Download results

Updated: 04-Mar-14 (Original posting: 04-Mar-14)

We are looking forward to welcoming all our caravan owners back to Bisley for the 2014 season.

However, please be aware that due to the high level of rainfall so far this year, the grounds are very saturated.

Therefore, we would politely request that all drivers take care when driving on their relevant pitches to avoid further damage to the grassed areas.

Kind regards

Updated: 25-Feb-14 (Original posting: 25-Feb-14)
Match Rifle Seminar 22/23 March
Match Rifle Seminar.

An ideal opportunity for anyone interested in this fascinating branch of long range rifle shooting.

Taking place on the weekend of 22/23 March this year, the seminar aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to match rifle shooting.

Topics to be covered include 'Putting a match rifle together', 'Handloading tips', and 'Long range wind judgement'. In addition there will be tutorials for the more experienced including 'Ballistics, basic and advanced', and 'Shooting technique'.

The seminar will take place at the North London Rifle Club, starting about 9am on 22nd, and finishing at lunchtime on 23rd. There will be a social evening and dinner on the Saturday evening.

If you are interested and would like more details please contact Nick Tremlett (

Updated: 25-Feb-14 (Original posting: 25-Feb-14)
Astor Claim Forms 2014

The conditions and claim forms for the Astor are available to download below:

Download forms

Updated: 24-Feb-14 (Original posting: 24-Feb-14)
PRODUCT RECALL - Winchester M22 .22

Winchester have recalled the M22 .22" LR Rimfire Ammunition.

Click here for more information.

Updated: 21-Feb-14 (Original posting: 21-Feb-14)
To all clubs and members please be aware that due to past wet weather over the past few months, The whole of Butt Zero as become quite wet and muddy under foot so please take greater care if using this facility.

We are fully aware that additional drainage is required and plans are in place to carry out this work 24th - 28th Feb 2014. Once the drainage is in place we will be resolving the issue with the Butt Zero range floor.

You are reminded that no vehicles are allowed on the range floor unless you have a disabled badge or an NRA range office issued vehicle pass for 2014.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Range Office

Updated: 20-Feb-14 (Original posting: 20-Feb-14)
Multi-Gun Match Results February 2014

Download results

Updated: 18-Feb-14 (Original posting: 18-Feb-14)
To all Clubs and Members, please be aware that due to the wet weather contions over the past few months there is still a lot of surface water on the range floors not only Century, Stickledown and Short Siberia but also Melville.

You are advised that due to these conditions that if you are using the ranges additional care is taken when moving around the facilities.

Please be advised that any decision to stop shooting will be made by the Ranges Supervisor.

If you require any further information please contact the Range Office.

You are reminded that vehicles are not allowed on the Range Floor under any circumstances, unless you have a disabled badge or an NRA Range Office issued vehicle pass for 2014.

Updated: 02-Mar-14 (Original posting: 14-Feb-14)
General Council meeting minutes from 8 Feb 2014

The minutes can be downloaded from here

Updated: 11-Feb-14 (Original posting: 11-Feb-14)
Results of the Civilian Service Rifle event (1 Feb 14)

Here are the results for the shoot on February 1st:

Download results

Updated: 08-Apr-14 (Original posting: 04-Feb-14)
Telegraph Poll on legal handgun ownership

Click here for Nigel Farage's comments on the handgun ban in Saturday's Daily Telegraph, page 4.

The Telegraph is running a poll on whether handguns should be legalised and licensed.
Click here to view the current result and to vote.

Updated: 30-Jan-14 (Original posting: 30-Jan-14)
Pete Cooper - 2014 GB Gallery Rifle Captain

I'm honored to have been selected to represent the GB Gallery Rifle Team as their Captain. Taff Wilcox has done a great job over the last couple of seasons and it is with his advice and friendship I take this challenge from him.

As Captain I plan to promote positive thinking and team work amongst the selected team members. Unity and comradeship are imperative to strength and success. Honesty and openness through communication is key and I am keen to make sure all information available to me will be cascaded to the rest of the team.

We are desperately in need of raising funds, any help or ideas on how to achieve this will be graciously accepted.

I have a passion for Gallery Rifle shooting born from my first visit to Bisley which was the Phoenix meeting 2003. I have an eagerness to share this passion by promoting the discipline as much as possible, not only nationally but worldwide. So if any clubs or individuals would like more information please feel free to get in touch I'll be happy to help.

Squad selection based on shooting ability, consistency and commitment will be taking place shortly. Any competitor and NRA member that regularly competes in SB or CF 1500 wanting to be considered, please let me or Neil Francis know. Team members will be required to travel to Ireland and Germany, possibly South Africa and other distant shores as the number of competing nations grows. This is a fabulous opportunity to represent GB in our wonderful sport.

Pete Cooper

Updated: 10-Jan-14 (Original posting: 10-Jan-14)
NRA proposal to IPSC for Governing Body Status

The NRA has recently applied to the International Practical Shooting Confederation for recognition as the administrative body for Great Britain (excluding Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands).

The Association recognises the growing importance and popularity of our newer dynamic shooting disciplines such as Target Shotgun and Civilian Service Rifle. Securing recognition from the IPSC would allow NRA teams to compete on the International Stage as with other disciplines including Target Rifle, F Class, Gallery Rifle and Sporting Rifle; and help us develop a series of successful competitions throughout the country.

The UKPSA, who are affiliated to the NRA, is the current IPSC administrative body for the GB region.

The IPSC Executive Council has reviewed our proposals and further discussions are scheduled later this year.

Andrew Mercer
Secretary General

Updated: 09-Jan-14 (Original posting: 09-Jan-14)
NRA 100 2013

Please see attached document

Click here

Updated: 07-Jan-14 (Original posting: 07-Jan-14)
Results of the Civilian Service Rifle event (5 Jan 14)

Here are the results for the shoot on December 7th:

Download Morning results

Download Afternoon results

Download Aggregate results

Updated: 07-Jan-14 (Original posting: 07-Jan-14)
User Access to NRA website

Dear Members

We have had some reports of some difficulties logging into the member area of the NRA website.

This is due to security issues with Microsoft and not because of the NRA website. To gain access, please use an alternative safe browser such as Firefox.

Kind regards

Updated: 06-Jan-14 (Original posting: 06-Jan-14)
Inspired on Teesside

Following the 'Inspired on Teesside' article in the NRA Winter 2013 Journal we would like to make members aware that Peter Metcalfe of Tees Valley Target Sports Club, who produced the article, would welcome contact with any clubs who wish to attract funding for similar projects.

Click here to contact Peter.

If you have not yet read the NRA Winter Journal 2013 please follow this link

Updated: 03-Jan-14 (Original posting: 02-Jan-14)
NRA Treasurers Report to General Council

Download Report

Updated: 20-Dec-13 (Original posting: 20-Dec-13)
Results of Civilian Service Rifle event - 7 Dec 2013

Here are the results for the shoot on December 7th:

Download Morning results

Download Afternoon results

Download Aggregate results

Updated: 10-Dec-13 (Original posting: 10-Dec-13)
Changes to Firearm and Shotgun Renewal and Variation process

The application process for grant, renewal or variation of a firearm or shotgun certificate changes substantially on 1 December. The new process has benefitted from substantial input from the National Governing Bodies through the British Shooting Sports Council and although still rather cumbersome is a considerable improvement.

For notes on the changes and to download the new application forms, click here

Updated: 02-Dec-13 (Original posting: 02-Dec-13)
Target Shotgun Festival results

NRA Practical Shotgun National Championships
Download results (pdf)

Target Shotgun Festival - GR&P Shotgun Results
Download results (pdf)

Updated: 21-Nov-13 (Original posting: 21-Nov-13)
Gallery Rifle Ranking Leagues - Final Results

The Gallery Rifle community have been running a ranking league this season and the final results are published here:

Download Ranking League results.

Updated: 13-Nov-13 (Original posting: 13-Nov-13)
German Open and IGRF International results

Full results from the German Open and IGRF Gallery Rifle International match can be downloaded below;

Download International results

Download German Open results

For further details, photos and much more please visit

Updated: 13-Nov-13 (Original posting: 13-Nov-13)
CSR Winter League 2013-2014 Results to date (Feb)

Download results

Updated: 04-Feb-14 (Original posting: 12-Nov-13)
Results of Civilian Service Rifle event - 3 Nov 2013

Download results for Nov 3

Updated: 07-Nov-13 (Original posting: 07-Nov-13)
Autumn Action Weekend - Results

The Results and Prize Lists for the Autumn Action Weekend are now available

Note that you have until 5 Nov to challenge any of these results

Download Prize List

Download Results

Updated: 29-Oct-13 (Original posting: 29-Oct-13)
Ages Match - Results

The Ages Match took place on a very blustery weekend but was thoroughly enjoyed by all teams.

Click here to download the Results

Congratulations to captain Mike Gregory and his team!

Updated: 31-Oct-13 (Original posting: 28-Oct-13)
Trafalgar Meeting 2013 - Results

The results of the 2013 Trafalgar Meeting are available for download below:

Download results

Trafalgar Letter winner - Bob Marsh

Meeting Director Prize - Jane Shields

Updated: 29-Oct-13 (Original posting: 22-Oct-13)
Intellectual Disabilities in Target Shooting Conference

Download Conference Outline

Download a Registration Form

View the main article on the DSP web-site

Updated: 17-Oct-13 (Original posting: 17-Oct-13)
Firearm and Shotgun Certificate Fees
As a result of work by BSSC, BASC and the GTA, the Home Office have set up a Firearms Fees Working Party to discuss and decide:

Which aspects of Police work should be paid through the fee for a Firearm Certificate and Shotgun Certificate.
Which aspects of Police work should be paid by HMG.
There is an acceptance by the Home office that full cost recovery is not appropriate as is the case at the moment, so the question is where the dividing line should be drawn.
The Working Party will meet quarterly.
There will be no interim fees increase while the Working Party is working.

New Application Forms for Firearms and Shotgun Certificates are expected to be introduced from 1st December 2013 and should make the task of completing simpler.

There is expected to be a trial on the e-Commerce approach to using the internet to apply for Firearm and Shotgun Certificates in the counties of Hampshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, Staffordshire and North Yorkshire next year to test the feasibility of online applications which will of necessity involve simplifications to the application process.

A review by HM Inspector of Constabulary into the divergent processes adopted by the UK Police Forces regarding applications for and renewals of Firearm and Shotgun Certificates is expected to take place next year involving a limited number of Police Forces.

Updated: 14-Oct-13 (Original posting: 14-Oct-13)
CSR Winter League 2013-2014 Results to date

Download Results

Updated: 13-Jan-14 (Original posting: 14-Oct-13)
Civilian Service Rifle Results from 5th Oct

The Civilian Service Rifle League Results for October are available to download below

Download results

Updated: 09-Oct-13 (Original posting: 09-Oct-13)
NRA Handbook 2014
All Members are invited to submit inputs for amendments to the NRA Handbook.

The NRA Handbook consists of 5 'Volumes'. These are:

1: 'The Handbook'
2: 'The Rules of Shooting'
3: 'The Regulations for the Imperial Meeting'
4: 'The NRA Gallery Rifle and Pistol Handbook
5: 'The NRA Target Shotgun Handbook'

The first three of these make up the A6 book usually known as the Bisley Bible. The fourth is a separate A5 publication and the last is published online only. The intended effective date of the 2014 edition is Monday 31st March 2014, and any NRA Member may submit proposals for change up to 15th November 2013.

All of the Handbook is available online in the NRA Handbooks section of the website and the original text can be lifted from the online version as a basis for amendments.

If submitting a proposal to amend one paragraph or a small block, please send it to in an email with title syntax 'NRA Handbook proposal volume x paragraph y - subject' so it is possible to sort and collate submissions electronically. If submitting several proposals, please use a separate email for each one. For more complex proposals drop the paragraph reference - just use volume and subject, and if necessary submit the argument as an attachment.

The Handbook is the definitive rulebook for our sport in the UK and all contributions will be considered.

Updated: 01-Oct-13 (Original posting: 01-Oct-13)
GR&P National Championships - Prize Lists & Results

The Results and Prize Lists are now available to download below:

Download Results

Download Prize Lists

Updated: 29-Aug-13 (Original posting: 29-Aug-13)
TR Classifications for 2014
The classifications for 2014 are now available download file

Updated: 23-Aug-13 (Original posting: 23-Aug-13)
Home Office Firearms Guide - Published Chapters

The following chapters of the Home Office firearms guide have now been published on the website.

  • Introduction
  • Definition and classification of firearms and ammunition
  • Prohibited weapons and ammunition
  • Expanding ammunition
  • Restrictions on the possession, handling and distribution of firearms and ammunition
  • Law on shooting birds and animals
  • Museum firearms licences
  • Criminal use of firearms
  • Proof of firearms
  • Northern Ireland

To download these chapters click here

Please note that over the next few months the whole Home Office Guidance will be updated.

Updated: 30-Jul-13 (Original posting: 30-Jul-13)
Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships

The results are available for download below:

Individual Results

Under 25 Results

Under 25 Pairs Results

Badge Results

Senior Pairs Results

Updated: 26-Jul-13 (Original posting: 26-Jul-13)
Imperial Historic Arms 2013 - Full Results

Match-by-match results for the Imperial Historic Arms events are available for download here

Updated: 09-Jul-13 (Original posting: 09-Jul-13)
BCRC Meeting Results
Toby Raincock wins the BCRC Meeting. The full results of the 2013 British Commonwealth Meeting are now available click here to download.

Updated: 30-Jun-13 (Original posting: 30-Jun-13)
Inter Counties 2013 results

The results for the Inter-Counties events held on 15/16 June are now available

Download Aggregate results

Download H Jones Prize Lists

Download H Jones full results

Download Jarvis results

Download Long Range Prize lists

Download Long Range full results

Updated: 17-Jun-13 (Original posting: 17-Jun-13)
Mini Palma 2013 Results

The results of the 2013 Mini Palma match are available to download below

Click here to download results

Updated: 13-May-13 (Original posting: 13-May-13)
NRA Range Booking Cancellation Policy (Revised April 2013)

Download the revised Policy

Updated: 11-May-13 (Original posting: 11-May-13)
EU Public Consultation on Firearms (April 2013)

This consultation document is available for download here.

Updated: 07-May-13 (Original posting: 07-May-13)
CLRA 2013 Stats

The stats for CLRA 2013 are now available

Download stats

Updated: 07-May-13 (Original posting: 07-May-13)
NRA Smallbore Long Range trial match

The NRA ran a trial Smallbore Long Range match on Sat 27 April shooting at 200, 300 and 400yds. The feedback was very positive and the results are available for download here

Updated: 02-May-13 (Original posting: 30-Apr-13)
CSR Winter League Final Results

The final results for the Civilian SR Leagues are now available:

Download results

Updated: 13-Apr-13 (Original posting: 13-Apr-13)
Civilian Service Rifle Results from 6th April

The results for the Civilian Service Rifle match held at Bisley on 6 April 2013 plus the League summary is available to download below.

Download results from 6 April (pdf)

Download final League results (pdf)

Updated: 28-May-13 (Original posting: 08-Apr-13)
Spring Action Weekend 2013 Results

Click here to download the Prize List.

Click here to download the Full Results List.

Updated: 28-Mar-13 (Original posting: 28-Mar-13)
Civilian Service Rifle Results from 3 March 2013

The results for the Civilian Service Rifle match held at Bisley on 3 March 2013 plus the League summary is available to download below.

Download results (pdf)

Download results (Excel)

Download League results to date

Updated: 06-Mar-13 (Original posting: 06-Mar-13)
Multi-Gun results from 16-17 Feb 2013

Download results

Updated: 21-Feb-13 (Original posting: 20-Feb-13)
All Melville Users
Could all Melville Range users please ensure that when they use the 50m turning mechanisms that you replace the covers. These are there to protect the mechanisms from sand and debris which foul up the turners making them unservicable. Please help us to help you. Ranges Manager

Updated: 18-Feb-13 (Original posting: 18-Feb-13)
Civilian Service Rifle results from 2 Feb 2013

The results for the Civilian Service Rifle match held at Bisley on 2 Feb 2013 plus the League summary is available to download below.

Download results (pdf)

Download League results to date

Updated: 08-Feb-13 (Original posting: 08-Feb-13)
Civilian Service Rifle results from 6 Jan 2013

The results for the Civilian Service Rifle match held at Bisley on 6 Jan 2013 plus the League summary is available to download below.

Download results (pdf)

Download League results to date

Updated: 11-Jan-13 (Original posting: 11-Jan-13)
Range Opening Times
Please note that the Range Opening Times are as follows
Closed Mondays
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Updated: 11-Oct-13 (Original posting: 20-Aug-12)
Range Safety

The NRA Safe Shooting System (SSS)

The NRA SSS is designed to ensure, as far as we can, that all those shooting on our ranges:

(a) can handle their firearm safely and competently,
(b) can fire a group of sufficiently small diameter to ensure that their shots do not hit the range floor or escape over the top of the stop butt,
(c) know the elevations on their sights to be used at all distances at which they will be shooting.

All too often, however, individuals cannot comply with either (a) or (b), and most certainly do not demonstrate (c)! Indeed not too long ago the statement was made over the radio "I'm a Palma shot - I don't need to check my zero" - followed by five consecutive misses!

To comply with sub-para (a) above Certificates of Safety & Competence assessments have been introduced, as follows:

Certificates of Safety and Competence
You are reminded that, as from 1 January 2009, all fullbore/centre fire shooters on Bisley ranges (and all MoD ranges) must have in their possession a valid Safety & Competence card, signed by their Club Chairman (or the NRA Secretary General for those members of the NRA who have been assessed by the NRA) for the firearms with which you will be shooting.

The use of MoD ranges by clubs firing only NSRA-approved .22 rimfire ammunition in single shot practices governed by the NSRA is not considered to pose a risk of any rounds escaping the Range Danger Area, and the 'Safe and Competent' certification system does not therefore currently apply except where self-loading firearms are used, in which case certification will be required.

If you have booked a target for individual shooting you will be required to produce this card in the Range Office before you may sign in. If you are not able to produce your card you will, unfortunately, not be allowed to shoot. In this event no refund will be made.

If you are signing in as the RCO for a group booking you will find that the certificate at the top of the signing-in form has been amended to include a statement by you, the RCO, that every member of the group for you will be responsible either has his/her own card or will be coached, on a one-to-one basis, by the holder of such a card. The responsibility rests with the RCO to confirm that every member of his/her group complies with one or the other of these two conditions.

Rifle Zeroing at the beginning of the season
In accordance with sub-para (c) above it is obligatory that all shooters using military ranges or Bisley ranges must know the correct wind zero for their sights. They must also know the correct elevation setting for all distances at which they may be firing. For these reasons all firers will, as from 1 January 2009, be required to check their wind zero and elevation settings on the Zero Range at the beginning of the shooting season, after a layoff of some months and after rebarrelling etc. This must be done before going to shoot at longer distances (and certainly before shooting on Stickledown).

It used to be (and may still be) a well known practice that, if a firer missed with a couple of shots and was unsure of his elevation, he would raise his sights by five minutes and fire again, then if still a miss lower his sights by ten minutes and fire again and so on until he eventually hit the target. This practice is potentially highly dangerous, and must not be done!

This adjustment of the elevation

Updated: 06-Feb-09 (Original posting: 31-Jan-09)
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