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Electronic targets available to book from 1st December.

We are pleased to announce that six new electronic targets are now available for booking for a trial period from 1st to 20th December 2015. An early Christmas present for Bisley.

They will be available at 100 yards (Tuesday & Wednesday); 200 yards (Thursday & Friday), 300 yards (Saturday & Sunday) and offer 16 target options.

Price for the trial period a bargain 30.00 per half day so bring plenty of ammunition!

Gazebos will provide cover on the firing points; range staff will be on hand to provide technical support.

Up to .308 calibre; no black powder; maximum of one firer at a time per target Available via online bookings or by contacting the Range Office on 01483 797 777 x 154.

Click here to view and download flyer.

Updated: 24-Nov-15 (Original posting: 24-Nov-15)
John Powell

We regret to report the death of John Powell who passed away on 22nd November 2015, aged 81.

John won the Queen's Prize in 1967, and was one of the only two surviving Queen's Prize Winners from the days of .303.

The NRA will be flying the flag at half-mast in respect.

Updated: 24-Nov-15 (Original posting: 24-Nov-15)
Target Shotgun Festival 2015 - Results

The Target Shotgun Festival still saw a healthy number of competitors who were not deterred by the poor weather at the weekend and went on to produce excellent scores.

Our sincere thanks to all who gave their time and worked hard with the complex match set up.

Click here to download the GR&P Shotgun results.

Click here to download the Practical Shotgun/NRA Shotgun League results.

Updated: 24-Nov-15 (Original posting: 24-Nov-15)
Proposed EU Firearms Directive

The EU has published a draft directive in response to recent terrorist events; it risks muddling the obvious need to restrict illicit ex-military weapons entering and moving throughout the EU with the legal activities of several million decent and law abiding target and sporting shooters. There are threats to the continuation of the use of semi-automatic firearms (already heavily restricted); and worrying proposals regarding deactivated weapons.

.22 calibre semi-automatic rifles are enjoyed by thousands of UK target shooters; they are one of the most popular types in Gallery Rifle shooting. Semi-automatic shotguns are also very popular and are used by growing numbers of our members in target shooting competitions. Attempting to ban certain types of firearms by how they look, rather than what they do, is simply illogical. In the UK, testing by the British Proof Houses ensures a high standard of deactivation.

We welcome the thrust of the Home Secretary‘s recent statement, particularly " The UK has some of the toughest firearms laws in the world. The sorts of weaponry used in the attacks in Paris in January, and those that appear to have been used last Friday, are not readily available in the UK. We must therefore focus on tackling firearms entering and moving throughout the EU, and ensuring that we have the right capabilities at the UK border to detect firearms being smuggled in - I will press the need for greater information sharing, passenger name records, and action on firearms. In the UK we have seen tough legislation work and so we want to see action taken to make a difference to the availability of firearms in Europe, particularly assault rifles."

Our European shooting friends have started a petition to highlight the risks of unforeseen consequences from the proposed EU Directive. I think it is important that all European shooters register their support and concern by signing the petition.

Click here to view and sign the petition.

Andrew Mercer
Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

Updated: 23-Nov-15 (Original posting: 23-Nov-15)
Petition against a ban on lead shot and bullets

We would urge all members to register their support for this petition - there is a real risk that lead ammunition could be banned as a result of an ill-considered report now largely condemned by its own panel of experts. A ban would mean the loss of the shooting of many rifles including muzzle loaders, vintage and early breech loaders, and non-standard calibres.

Just as serious would be the impact of mono metallic bullets as their variable ricochet characteristics would result in greater restrictions (and probable closure) on many ranges.

Andrew Mercer
Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

Click here to enter your name on the petition.

Updated: 17-Nov-15 (Original posting: 17-Nov-15)
Spaces available - NRA Club Instructor Course - 12-13 December 2015

Our NRA Club Instructor (General Skills) two day course is designed to train experienced club shooters to deliver probationary training to members of their club and to assess competence in the safe handling of firearms.

This is a comprehensive course and provides the attendees with quality training and material to take back to their club.

Spaces are available on the next course at Bisley, Sat 12 & Sun 13 December. Course cost is 130.

Click here to download the booking form.

Updated: 13-Nov-15 (Original posting: 13-Nov-15)
AAW October 2015 Results and Prize Lists

Click here to download the results

Click here to download the prize lists

Updated: 09-Nov-15 (Original posting: 09-Nov-15)
Civilian Service Rifle results - 7 Nov

120 hardy Civ SR competitors had a thorough soaking on Saturday 7 November, when Round 2 of the Civ SR Winter League took place on a very wet and windy Century. The conditions were very challenging indeed for shooters and the butts parties alike, and with little respite from the appalling weather until late in the day, achieving high scores was certainly tough. Despite this, there were still plenty of smiles and banter.

Two matches were staged: The International Service Rifle Match AM, and the Excellence in Competition (EIC) PM.

In the Historic SR class, Rob Illius won the AM match with Vince Inman close behind. The PM match saw Nick Nunn pip Vince to second again.

The Iron Sight class saw James Geering win both matches; Doug Cross came second and Andrew Littler in third in the Int?l SR Match, while Bob Wightman and George Ellis took the podium places for the EIC.

In the Practical class Martin Camp produced a tremendous score to win the morning match, with John Morgan-Hosey second and Colin Hudson in third. The EIC Match was won by Colin Hudson, with Mark Dougan second and Sam Brown third.

The Service Optic class saw Bill Ellis win the International Match with Layne Chisholm and Peter Cottrell taking the other podium positions. In the afternoon EIC Match, Peter Cottrell was first, closely followed by Adam Chapman and Kathryn Snow.

The Provisional results are here
The league results to date are here

Any queries or challenges should be made to Mark Haigh by Sunday 15 November.

Updated: 09-Nov-15 (Original posting: 09-Nov-15)
Practical Pistol Match (NRA HGL Round 5) Results - 1 Nov
On Sunday 1 November, competitors took part in the Practical Pistol Match (Round 5 of the NRA Handgun League) on Butt Zero.

Click here to download Practical Pistol Match/NRA HGL Round 5 Results.

Updated: 03-Nov-15 (Original posting: 03-Nov-15)
Great Britain Under 19 Tour Accounts 2015

Please see below a link to the Under 19 Tour Accounts 2015

Click here to download and view.

Updated: 02-Nov-15 (Original posting: 02-Nov-15)
Autumn Action Weekend 2015 - Final Results

Lots of action and skilled shooting was seen at Bisley with 151 competitors taking part in the Autumn Action Weekend. An impressive 992 events were entered across the disciplines, Gallery Rifle and Pistol, Fullbore, Target Shotgun and the popular McQueen.

Click here to download the results
Click here to download the prize lists

Updated: 06-Nov-15 (Original posting: 27-Oct-15)
Updated historical records of the main NRA matches and teams.

This website contains the historical records of the main NRA international matches and overseas teams. The work to compile these lists has been undertaken by Colin Cheshire and Karen Robertson.

If you should notice any errors or omissions (including any formatting or spelling errors) please contact Karen Robertson

We are also seeking any team or historical photographs for a future large photographic section on this website. If you have photographs that you are happy to have published on the website please either email them to Karen Robertson or by post to Karen Robertson c/o National Rifle Association, Bisley Camp, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey, GU24 0PB (hard copies of photos will be returned if requested so please include your name and address). Please include the year that the photograph was taken.

The updated records can be viewed here

Thank you.

Updated: 27-Oct-15 (Original posting: 26-Oct-15)
The Trafalgar 2015 - Final Results

The Trafalgar enjoyed quite mild weather (for mid October!) and 203 competitors shot almost 1,100 cards over the weekend, with events from 25 yds out to 1000 yds. This is an increase in cards shot of 7% vs 2014.

The variety of firearms is itself enough reason to be part of this historic match, and despite the age of the firearms and sighting systems, the scores were impressive.

Thanks as always to the volunteer ROs and stats team who did an excellent job.

For Final Results Click here

Updated: 26-Oct-15 (Original posting: 19-Oct-15)
Advisory Group meeting of the Metropolitan Police's Firearms Enquiry Team

Dear Member of Council,

For information. Please include it in your publications if you wish.

The inaugural meeting of the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) of the Metropolitan Police's Firearms Enquiry Team (FET) took place on Tuesday, 6 October. The meeting was held at the Empress State Building in London and was attended by representatives of The British Shooting Sports Council, The British Association for Shooting and Conversation, The British Deer Society, The National Rifle Association, The National Small Bore Rifle Association and The Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association.

The purpose of the IAG is threefold. First, it provides a medium through which the concerns and issues of the shooting community can be channelled to the Met's FET. Second, it provides a significant repository of knowledge and expertise in all the key shooting disciplines upon which members can draw. Third, it provides a means through which the police can inform the key shooting groups of developments and points of issue.

The group will meet every six months.

Chief Supt Mike Gallagher of the Specialist Firearms Command said: "The development of the IAG for Firearms Licensing in London is an exciting and innovative development which will help foster mutual understanding, help manage risk and enhance the service we provide to the shooting community." The FET will shortly be moving to a new office and would like to assure shooting communities that disruption to service will be kept to a minimum and that the electronic mailbox will continue to be monitored during office hours.

With best wishes.

David J Penn

British Shooting Sports Council
PO Box 53608
SE24 9YN

The Council is a founding member of the World Forum on Shooting Activities (WFSA), a NGO in Roster Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.


Updated: 20-Oct-15 (Original posting: 19-Oct-15)
Target Shotgun Festival - 21-22 November 15

This increasingly popular practical competition format is below:

Saturday 21 November - morning - TP1 and Multi-target(all classes) followed by practice/testing until midday.

Sunday 22 November - all day - Practical match NRA Shotgun League Round 7.

Click here to download an entry form.

Updated: 18-Oct-15 (Original posting: 18-Oct-15)
Great Britain Rifle Team to South Africa 2017

I am pleased to announce that the following have been selected to represent Great Britain in the team to South Africa 2017, to compete in the South African Championships and Australia Match.

In addition to those listed below a small "Development Squad" has been chosen, which comprises shooters and coaches aspiring to become established GB team members in the future. My officers and I are committed to giving this Squad the opportunity to train with a GB team for the benefit of both those included, and future GB teams.

Nick Tremlett 14th October 2015

Click here to download and view the full team.

Updated: 14-Oct-15 (Original posting: 14-Oct-15)
The Ages Match 2015 - Results

After a healthy battle this weekend, the well-deserved winners of The Ages Match 2015 were the 45-54 team with an impressive score of 2858.231v. Congratulations to Ian Ashworth and his team.

Amended results due to stats final count as follows:

Team Championship

1 45-54 2858.231v

2 Under 25s 2851.181v

3 55-64 2846.245v

4 Over 65s 2837.211v

Top Individual for each age category

Under 25s Theo Dodds 292.19v

45-54 David Crispin 296.33v

55-64 Paul Charlton 294.34v

Over 65s George Cann 297.28v

Click here to download and view the full results of the Ages Match 2015

Updated: 13-Oct-15 (Original posting: 11-Oct-15)
NRA Treasurer Report

Please see below a link to the report made by the NRA Treasurer to General Council at the meeting on 5th September 2015

Click here to download the Treasurers Report.

Updated: 08-Oct-15 (Original posting: 07-Oct-15)
CSR Winter League - 4th Oct - Results

Civilian Service Rifle results - Sunday 4 October (4/10/15) - Short Range Rural Contact, Urban Contact, Individual Infantry Match

This popular Winter League competition is running from October 2015 to April 2016.

Results are now online for Sun 4 Oct, click here to download.
The confirmed dates for the 2015/16 season so far are:

Sat 7 Nov 2015
Sun 6 Dec 2015
Sat 9 Jan 2016
Sun 7 Feb 2016
Sat 5 Mar 2016
Sun 3 Apr 2016

For those new to Civ SR, we run 'Introduction to Civ SR' courses - the next available course will be on Saturday 31 October. These are run by highly experienced shooters and involve classroom work and lots of practical coaching on the range.

Updated: 13-Oct-15 (Original posting: 05-Oct-15)
Historic Service Rifle Match - 3 October - Results

Saturday brought some fabulous weather for the Historic Service Rifle Match on Century Range. Impressive shooting was seen during the afternoon, with just under 60 competitors taking part.

Click here to download the Results.

Updated: 05-Oct-15 (Original posting: 05-Oct-15)
Northern Ireland Open Results 2015

Click here to download the Northern Ireland Fullbore Championships held on 26/27th September 2015, hosted by Comber Rifle Club at Ballykinler Ranges.

The TR Championship top 3 placings were:

1st Alwyn McLean
2nd Martin Millar
3rd Simon Carson

Updated: 01-Oct-15 (Original posting: 01-Oct-15)
GB & NRA Team Captains Nominations - closing date amendment


Nominations are invited for Captains of the following teams:

Great Britain Under 25 Captain 2016
Kolapore Match 2016
NRA Team to the Channel Islands 2017
Great Britain Rifle Team to Canada 2017

Nominations in writing, signed by three proposers all of whom must be full annual or life members of the NRA, must be received by the Secretary General not later than 5pm on Friday 27th November 2015 Nominations to be sent to

Updated: 29-Sep-15 (Original posting: 29-Sep-15)
NRA 100 Match 2015

Entries are invited to a unique Three Position Target Rifle Competition on Sunday 25th October 2015 on Butt 19, Bisley, scored as 30 scoring shots x300.

The top 100 entrants receive an NRA 100 badge & date flash. Previous recipients of the NRA 100 badge receive a date flash, the winner a date & First flash & the Swantson Trophy.

Click here for more details and the entry form

Paper entries should be sent to:

Mr P Northam
162 Bearton Road
Herts SG5 1UA

Updated: 24-Sep-15 (Original posting: 24-Sep-15)
CGRA Second Stage Results. September 20th 2015

Click here to download the Stage 2 results of the Gloucestershire Open

Updated: 24-Sep-15 (Original posting: 24-Sep-15)
Law Commission Study into Firearms Law. The NRA Response

In July, the Law Commission published a Scoping Paper inviting consultation on Firearms Law. The Commission suggested that codification of the existing law was essential but that prior to undertaking that huge task, there were five areas that required immediate attention. The Commission invited input on the five issues, on the need for fundamental reform, and on aspects that might be included in that fundamental reform.

Click here to see the NRA submission to the Law Commission.

Updated: 23-Sep-15 (Original posting: 23-Sep-15)
NRA Team to Channel Islands 2016

The following have been selected for the NRA Team to the Channel Islands 2016:

  • Captain

    Rick Shouler - Nottinghamshire, England, Great Britain

  • Vice-Captain

    Gary Alexander - Ulster, Ireland, Great Britain

  • Adjutant

    David Rose - Leicester, Northants & Rutland, England, Great Britain

  • Coach

    Andrew Lothian - Surrey, England, Great Britain

  • Shooters

    Jason Curd - Kent
    Charlotte Davies - South Wales County, Wales
    Theo Dodds - Kent, Wales
    Paul Hatfield - Nottinghamshire
    Nick Healy - Ulster, Ireland
    Tom Laing-Baker - London
    Rebecca Laird - Ulster, Ireland
    Cameron Lamont - West of Scotland, Scotland
    James Lawrie - Lincolnshire, Scotland
    Lucinder Taylor - Surrey

  • Reserves (in no particular order)

    Jonathan Ford - Gloucestershire, Scotland, Great Britain
    Christopher Milton
    Ollie Rolfe - Oxfordshire
    Rosalind Wiltshire - Yorkshire, Scotland

    Updated: 14-Sep-15 (Original posting: 14-Sep-15)
Trafalgar Meeting - 17-18 October 2015 - open for entries

For those of you who support the discipline of Classic and Historic Arms and own firearms that fall into this category, this meeting is a must.

Click here to download the Trafalgar Meeting 2015 entry form.

As always, re rely heavily on our RO volunteers to run the meeting. We would be grateful for your time - so please complete the online form (link below) to advise your availability. Thank you.

Click here to volunteer.

The Trafalgar Dinner is a celebration of the event and an opportunity to share time with your fellow shooters. This year it will be held in The Canadian Pavilion, a building steeped in history. Tickets for the sumptuous three course dinner with wine, followed by coffee, after dinner mints and a glass of port is 16.50.

Click here to download the menu.

Shooting Division handles administration, with the Match Director being Peter Cottrell. The NRA's discipline rep for Historic and Classic Arms is Peter Ryder.

Updated: 11-Sep-15 (Original posting: 11-Sep-15)
Autumn Action Weekend - 24-25 October - open for entries

Come and take part in the last of the 'Action Weekends' offering events in Gallery Rifle and Pistol, Target Shotgun, Fullbore and the McQueen.

We welcome shooters of all level to come and take up a competition in this action packed meeting. Typical competitions are Advancing Target, the 1500 Match, Timed & Precision, McQueen and the Speed Steel Challenge.

Click here to download the Autumn Action Weekend entry form.

Click here to enter online.

Click here to download the Gallery Rifle Handbooks.

As always, re rely heavily on our RO volunteers to run the meeting. We would be grateful for your time - so please complete the online form (link below) to advise your availability. Thank you.

Click here to volunteer.

Updated: 10-Sep-15 (Original posting: 09-Sep-15)
HRA RBL Match report

The HRA RBL Match on Saturday was a great success and we raised over 11,000 and expect to get to at least 12,000 in the next few days.

94 Competitors took part in the Highpower Rifle Association Royal British Legion Match on Saturday 5th September 2015 at Bisley. The Course of Fire was over 11 Stages with a minimum round count of 114 shots. Over 11,000 was raised for the Royal British Legion by those taking part, their families and friends and there was some very generous support from the shooting sports industry who provided prizes for the post match draw.

The RBL Match Just Giving Page will remain open until the mid October to coincide with the launch of the National Poppy Appeal: Just Giving HRA RBL Match

The shooting results for the the match are in Excel format and can be downloaded from here:

AM Results

PM Results

Overall Across Class Results

The 2016 HRA RBL match will be on Saturday 3rd September again at Bisley.

Updated: 08-Sep-15 (Original posting: 08-Sep-15)
Announcement of GB Rifle Team for Canada 2016
Lindsay Peden the captain of the GB team to Canada in 2016 has announced the team members as follows:

Details of the GB Rifle Team to Canada

Updated: 07-Sep-15 (Original posting: 07-Sep-15)
Gallery Rifle Nationals 2015 - Results
Results are now online for the Gallery Rifle National Championships 2015. These results are now final.

Click here to download the full results.

Click here to download the Prizelist.

Updated: 14-Sep-15 (Original posting: 04-Sep-15)
New dates for Discipline Days - CSR, Gallery Rifle & Target Shotgun

Dates are now confirmed for the next Civilian Service Rifle, Gallery Rifle and Target Shotgun Discipline Days.

These 1 day courses provide expert 1:1 instruction by some of the best shooters in their field. They enhance knowledge, help to sharpen positional techniques, and are a great precursor to taking part in competitions.

The forthcoming dates are:

Introduction to Civilian Service Rifle - Sat 26 September, Sat 31 October

Introduction to Gallery Rifle - Sat 14 November

Introduction to Target Shotgun - Sun 13 December

Course Cost: 70 (includes range fees, targets, course material, individual coaching and lunch)

One recent participant said: 'A big thank you for putting on a fantastic course yesterday. The instructors certainly knew their stuff and I thought the mix of classroom and range work was just right - exactly the right atmosphere to learn. My knowledge has increased 100%!'.

Click here for the NRA events page. Select the calendar entry for your chosen course for more information and to download the booking form.

Updated: 14-Sep-15 (Original posting: 03-Sep-15)
Historic Service Rifle Match - Saturday 3 October 2015

Following the successful event held in April 2015, we are staging another Historic SR Match on the afternoon of Saturday 3 October. The following day, Sunday 4 October, sees the start of the Civilian SR Winter League, and shooters may wish to combine both for an enjoyable weekend of challenging shooting!

The Historic SR Match is open to British SR in SR(a), in addition there is an All-Comers class for foreign SR, for those wishing to shoot alongside.

The Course of Fire (CoF) is based on military practices shooting from standing, kneeling, sitting and prone. There are no Run Downs!

Targets will be a Fig 12 at 100 yds, then an NRA DP2 at 200 and 300 yds. The DP2 is a black & white target similar to a Fig 11, but will offer better target acquisition and sight picture than a standard brown/black Fig 11 which we found was very difficult to identify in certain light conditions. The HBSA and LERA have been involved in the development of the event.

Competitors will meet at the 300x car park on Century (Butt 19) at 1300 hrs for a mandatory Range Briefing, with the match shot in the afternoon only, followed by prizegiving on range at approx 1730 hrs.

Click here to enter online.

Click here to download the Booking Form, Conditions and Course of Fire.

Updated: 09-Sep-15 (Original posting: 03-Sep-15)
Ages Match 2015 - 10-11 October - open for entries

A battle over Short and Long Range to see which age group reigns as champions in the world of Target Rifle. There are teams for the following seven groupings: Under 21s, Under 25s, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 and over 65s.

The thirteenth NRA Ages Match takes place on 10-11 October 2015. We welcome the formation of teams and team captains are requested to promote this event early to encourage participation across all age groups.

Confirmed Team Captains as at 21.9.15 are:

Under 25s: Paul Lanigan, 25-34: Jon Swash, 35-44: Martin Cavie, 55-64: Sarah Cheslyn-Curtis, 65s and Over: Mike Gregory.

We are still awaiting notification of Team Captains for the Under 21s and 45-54 age categories.

If you wish to put your name forward for a team, please email

Click here to download the Entry Form

Click here to download the Programme and Match Conditions

Updated: 21-Sep-15 (Original posting: 27-Aug-15)
Canada DCRA TR Meeting - Results

Grand Aggregate

Winner is Lindsay Peden,

Bronze to John Pugsley

Click here to visit the DCRA results site.

There were many UK trophy winners:

John Deane won
Sierra Long Range Aggregate
Norman Beckett
The Dick Hampton Aggregate
Aggregate of the 21st Century

John Pugsley won
Short Range Aggregate
The Gibson
3rd Grand Aggregate

Lindsay Pedenwon
1st Grand Aggregate
The Tunis
The Jack Gowrie Aggregate
The Gzowski Aggregate
The Polar Bear Aggregate
The MFC Walker Aggregate


Updated: 01-Sep-15 (Original posting: 27-Aug-15)
Civilian Service Rifle (Winter league)

This popular Winter League competition is running from October 2015 to April 2016. The Courses of Fire (CoF) for the first event is available here.

Entries are now open until 10:00AM Thursday 1 October.

  • Click here to enter online.
  • Click here to download an entry form
  • The confirmed dates for the 2015/16 season so far are:

    Sat 7 Nov 2015

    Sun 6 Dec 2015

    Sat 9 Jan 2016

    Sun 7 Feb 2016

    Sat 5 Mar 2016

    Sun 3 Apr 2016

    For those new to Civ SR, we run 'Introduction to Civ SR' courses - the next available courses will be on Saturday 26 September and Saturday 31 October. These are run by highly experienced shooters and involve classroom work and lots of practical coaching on the range.

    Shooting Division handles administration and organisational matters whilst Mark Bradley can answer any discipline or technical queries.

    Updated: 25-Aug-15 (Original posting: 24-Aug-15)
LMRA 2015 Open Championship entry form

LMRA 2015

Click here to view and download the Entry Form.

Updated: 24-Aug-15 (Original posting: 24-Aug-15)
Entry form for the Surrey Branch MLAGB 2015 Meeting


Click here to view and download the Entry Form.

Updated: 24-Aug-15 (Original posting: 24-Aug-15)
Results - Practical Pistol Match & Bianchi Allcomers 8-9 August

Over the weekend of 8-9 August, competitors took part in the Practical Pistol Match (Round 3 of the NRA Handgun League) and the Bianchi Allcomers match (honours only) on Butt Zero.

Click here to download Practical Pistol Match/NRA HGL Round 3 Results.

Click here to download the Bianchi Allcomers Results (honours only).

Updated: 13-Aug-15 (Original posting: 13-Aug-15)
Camp Perry update - A Gold and two Silvers.

Congratulations to the GBU25 Team who secured Gold and Silver with 965.74 and 955.69 respectively and also to the GB Vets who won Silver with 1907.172

Updated: 07-Aug-15 (Original posting: 07-Aug-15)
LRRFC Autumn Meeting - 11 Oct 2015


Open to Members of the NRA, NSRA and Rifle Clubs, will be held at Bisley Century Range on Sunday morning, 11 October 2015.

Click here to download the entry form. For more details contact Richard Kenchington

Updated: 29-Jul-15 (Original posting: 29-Jul-15)
Introduction to Target Shotgun Courses - Sat 12 & Sun 13 December 2015


These two one day courses provide the fundamental skills for taking part in Target Shotgun events, including individual coaching of positional shooting techniques from national level shooters.

The course fee per day is 70 which includes range fees, targets, individual coaching and lunch. The course will involve both classroom and practical range work.

These courses are now fully booked

Updated: 28-Sep-15 (Original posting: 28-Jul-15)
Ages Match 2015
The Ages Match is the battle over Short and Long Range to see which age group reigns as champions in the world of Target Rifle. There are teams for the following six groupings: Under 25, 25 - 34, 35 - 44, 45 - 54, 55 - 64 and over 65s, who are the current NRA Ages Match Champions, led by Mike Gregory in 2013.

The thirteenth Ages Match takes place on 10/11 October 2015. Team captains are requested to promote this event early to encourage participation across all age groups.

The Match Conditions and Programme will be available shortly after the Imperial.

Updated: 08-Jul-15 (Original posting: 08-Jul-15)
With effect from 6 June 2015, all NRA RCO courses run at Bisley will also include an optional section on High Muzzle Energy (HME) at no additional cost.

Current RCOs who require an HME addition to their RCO qualification can join an RCO course for a fee of 20. The HME element will be conducted on the second day (typically Sunday) between approx 14.00-15.30.

Updated RCO/HME Course Application Forms are available on the NRA website for the remaining courses in 2015:

6 & 7 June

12 & 13 September

3 & 4 October

7 & 8 November

5 & 6 December

Any queries should be emailed to

Updated: 07-May-15 (Original posting: 07-May-15)
Markers Required - Become an NRA Marker.

Invitation to join National Rifle Association (NRA) bank of Imperial marker and supervisory staff.

Click here to download and view the Markers Starter Pack

Click here to download the Markers application form

Updated: 29-Apr-15 (Original posting: 29-Apr-15)
Last Minute Range Availability

This Weeks Last Minute Range Availability at Bisley

Click here to download this weeks availability

Click here to login and book a range slot

Updated: 04-Jun-15 (Original posting: 08-Apr-15)
Prohibited Ammunition - RWS Target Elite Ammunition .308 Win. 154gr

Certain ammunition provided to the NRA by RUAG for use in the 2013 Imperial Meeting was returned to RUAG as a result of an unacceptably high rate of blown and leaking primers. This ammunition was packaged in blue boxes marked "RWS .308 Win." stamped with batch number 261919.

The NRA has found ammunition packaged in boxes marked "RWS Target Elite Ammunition .308 Win. 154gr", where the boxes are stamped with that same batch number: 261919.

Click here for photograph of RWS Target Elite ammunition box showing batch number

The NRA is investigating this matter with RUAG, but in the interim the use of RWS Target Elite Ammunition .308 Win. 154gr marked with batch number 261919 at Bisley and in all NRA-sponsored competitions is prohibited in any rifle that is not fully compliant with CIP Regulations. Members should bear in mind that the presence of valid proof marks for .308W or 7.62 x 51mm cannot be taken as confirmation that the bore and chamber dimensions of the firearm in question are CIP-compliant.

Shooters are reminded that they are solely responsible for the safety of the combination of rifle and ammunition they use.

Andrew Mercer
Secretary General

Click here for complete document.

Updated: 07-Apr-15 (Original posting: 07-Apr-15)
The Recent changes to JSP403 - March 2015

Joint Service Publication 403 (JSP403) is entitled - Handbook of Defence Land Ranges Safety.

It is a four-volume MoD publication, to view this online Click here

Click here to view and download a copy of the Brief for Clubs.

Updated: 25-Mar-15 (Original posting: 24-Mar-15)
Stickledown - Long Range Availability 2015

In order to provide members with regular access to longer ranges in a coordinated manner that uses range space efficiently we have published the Bisley Long Range Target Availability at 1,100 & 1,200 yards on Stickledown Range ? 2015

Download Stickledown Availability 2015

Updated: 03-Feb-15 (Original posting: 03-Feb-15)
Range, Storage and accomodation charges from 30th March 2015

From Monday 30th March 2015 the following charges will apply for NRA Ranges, Firearms Hire, storage and Accommodation.

Ranges & Marker Charges

Click here for a full list of revised Recreational Range Hire charges.

Firearms Hire Charges

Click here for a full list of revised Firearms Hire charges.

Accommodation - Accommodation is available to both members and non members.

Click here for a full list of revised accommodation charges.

Secure Storage - Secure storage is available to Members and Affiliated clubs.

Please see the revised charges in the document below.

Updated: 23-Jan-15 (Original posting: 20-Jan-15)
NRA Strategic Review 2015-17
We have recently concluded our annual review and agreed a development plan for the NRA for 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The Association is beginning to make some positive progress but there is much to do.

The attached report sets out our priorities and details some of the initiatives planned for this year.

Click here to download the report.

Updated: 13-Jan-15 (Original posting: 13-Jan-15)
Range Attire

Reviewing the many excellent images of shooting at Bisley has prompted some thoughts about how we are presenting our sport to the wider world. Winter months and unkind weather demand warm and weather proof clothing and occasionally the appearance of some of our shooters could mislead the uninformed public that we are engaged in quasi-military activity rather than our sport of target shooting.

I would ask members and their guests to take a moment to think how their style of dress would be perceived by a member of the public ignorant of our sport; in today's world of social media and cameras in every pocket we need to remain responsible and vigilant. If your attire, on honest reflection, could be mistaken as military uniform then it would be wise to change.

We have no desire to be prescriptive and the thought of drafting dress codes is a hideous prospect; I am sure that common sense will prevail and shooters will enjoy their sport in warm, dry and appropriate clothing.

Happy Christmas and New Year.

Andrew Mercer
Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

Updated: 11-Dec-14 (Original posting: 11-Dec-14)
Range Office Targets / TR Practice Targets

Range Office Targets
ROT's are available on the following dates and at the following distances.

21st June 1000yds AM, 600yds PM.
22nd June 500yds AM only.
28th June 900yds AM, 1000yds PM.
29th June 1000yds AM
3rd July 100yds AM & 300yds PM
4th July 900yds AM
6th July 300, 500 & 600yds PM (can only be booked as single distance)
8th July 1000yds AM & 600yds PM 1730hrs - 1930hrs
9th July 300yds & 500yds PM 1730hrs - 2000hrs
10th July 300yds AM 0830hrs - 1000hrs & 600yds 1100hrs - 1200hrs

These are bookable through the Range Office, please be aware that we can book two shooters on each target.

TR Practice Targets

10th July 900yrds AM 0830hrs - 1000hrs & 1000yds 1015hrs - 1145hrs
and 900yds falling back to 1000yds PM 1330hrs - 1630hrs

11th July 900yds AM 0830hrs - 1100hrs

Range Office

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