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The Hampshire Rifle Association Open Meeting Results - Sat 24 June
The Hampshire Rifle Association Open Meeting took place on Saturday 24 June. Full results are here.

Updated: 26-Jun-17 (Original posting: 26-Jun-17)
NRA Falling Plates Match - Saturday 1 July
The 2017 Falling Plates Match will be staged on Ash Ranges, No 2 Range, on Saturday 1 July, from 1700-1900.

This hotly contested event will be shot in two classes: Modern and Historic, providing an entertaining mix of fitness and marksmanship. Teams of 4 have to sprint / run / jog / meander from the start point to the firing point, and knock down 10 plates as quickly as possible, each plate about 2ft square at a distance of 200 yds.

This is actually quite difficult after running 100 yds (30 yds for the Historic shooters).

The winning team goes through to the next round while the loser hopes for a second chance depending on the time taken.

Last year the LPSC retained the Challenge Cup edging the strong French CSAG by a single plate.

The Historic class final was an all LERA affair, with LERA Overlord out-shooting the LERA Goodwood team.

The event is open to spectators and the post code for Ash Ranges is GU12 5ER.
The deadline for entries is 12.00 on Friday 30 June: Click here to enter

Updated: 23-Jun-17 (Original posting: 23-Jun-17)
MR/TR/F Class - CLOSE OF ONLINE ENTRIES 1700 hrs, Monday 26 June

Entries for the various Meetings are available here

Updated: 23-Jun-17 (Original posting: 23-Jun-17)
NRA Adaptive Championship 2017

The NRA Adaptive Championship is a highlight of the Imperial Meeting, with tremendous camaraderie amongst the Serving soldiers and Veterans coupled with a strong competitive determination.

Held on Melville Range, competitors use Ruger 10/22s in three matches: Advancing Target, Rapid & Snaps, and the Mini McQueen. An interest shoot is provided by the MLAGB which is always very popular and adds to the occasion.

The NRA would like to record our sincere thanks to the volunteers who support this event.

The overall winners were:


1st Geoff Newport 367.22v
2nd Vinod Budhahoki 356.21v
3rd Jeffrey Winder 352.10v


1st Capt Craig Mudie 382.36v
2nd Cpl Matt Drake 378.30v
3rd Sgt Justin Maskell 375.40v

Full results to follow.

Congratulations to all participants and we look forward to hosting next years event on Thursday 21 June 2018.

Updated: 23-Jun-17 (Original posting: 23-Jun-17)
Irish Open 2017 - Results

Ulster Rifle Association

Annual Open Fullbore Target Rifle Meeting and 106th IRISH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP

Click here to download the Irish Open 2017 Results.

Updated: 22-Jun-17 (Original posting: 22-Jun-17)
New 21 year lease for the Spott Clubhouse

It was with immense pleasure that we were able to welcome a contingent of our German friends from BDMP for the handing over of the new 21 year lease of the Spott.

David Brandenburger, Vice President of BDMP, and his club members have done a great job with their clubhouse, maintaining it to a very high standard and we are delighted by their desire to renew their 21 year lease for the Spott and continue to contribute to the fabric of Bisley and enjoy all that the Bisley Ranges complex has to offer.

"The Spott is a great example of a vibrant clubhouse at Bisley, made all the more special with the fact that the tenant is based in Germany. We look forward to seeing good numbers of continental shooters and their UK friends at the Spott and ranges at Bisley over the next 21 years" said Andrew Mercer, NRA Chief Executive.

David Brandenburger, Vice President of BDMP with Andrew Mercer

Members of the BDMP with Andrew Mercer

Updated: 21-Jun-17 (Original posting: 21-Jun-17)
Bisley General Meeting

The Bisley General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 19th July at 9.00pm in the NRA Pavilion.

Updated: 21-Jun-17 (Original posting: 21-Jun-17)
The final day of the 34th Inter Counties Meeting was met with hot and humid weather conditions with temperatures over 30 degrees by 11.00, resulting in some excellent scores and wilting shooters in equal measure.

Results for the top 5 teams in the The NRA Long Range Match were:

1 Surrey 1185.159v

2 London 1172.133v

3 Berkshire 1164.123v

4 Kent 1163.136v

Surrey produced a consistent performance across the weekend to retain the Inter-Counties Championship for the ninth consecutive year, taking the 2017 title by a margin of 33 points from London.

Surrey's total score of 2377.339v was 1 point lower than their record score in 2015.

Results for the top 5 positions in the Inter Counties were:

1 Surrey 2377.339v

2 London 2344.283v

3 Hertfordshire 2342.270v

4 Kent 2338.265v

5 Norfolk 2329.261v

Click here for Long Range results.

Click here for Aggregate results.

Updated: 19-Jun-17 (Original posting: 18-Jun-17)
Inter Counties Short Range - Lt Col H Jones VC Memorial Trophy
Congratulations to Surrey for retaining the Lt Col H Jones VC Memorial Trophy (Inter Counties Short Range), but with 23 points separating the top 10 counties at the half way stage, there is still much to play for before the Long Range Match starts on Sunday 18 June on Stickledown.

Results for the Lt Col H Jones VC Memorial Trophy:

1 Surrey 1192.180v

2 Hertfordshire 1180.147v

3 Kent 1175.129v

4 Norfolk 1173.142v

5 London 1172.150v

6 Gloucestershire 1172.131v

7 Cheshire 1171.123v

8 Sussex 1169.140v

9 Hampshire 1169.126v

10 Nottinghamshire 1164.111v

Click here for full results.

Updated: 19-Jun-17 (Original posting: 17-Jun-17)
The R Jarvis was shot by 125 competitors in very warm conditions with light but variable winds.

There were 12 scores of 105, 15 scores of 104 and 19 scores of 103. A three-way tie for medals took place with the resuts below.

Congratulations to all who took part.

The top results are:

The Challenge Trophy and Gold Medal

Mr J Evans 105.17v (tie 25.5v)

Silver Medal

Mr B Logan 105.17v (tie 24.3v)

Bronze Medal

Mr D De Vere 105.17v (tie 22.1v)

Winner Under 25 Trophy:

Mr H Green 101.12v

Winner Under 23 Trophy:

Mr TS Bullock103.10v

Click here for full R Jarvis Results.

Updated: 19-Jun-17 (Original posting: 17-Jun-17)
Artist Rifles Clubhouse

Members may be aware of recent publicity regarding litigation related to the lease renewal of the Artist Rifles Clubhouse.

Please note the following:-

(1) The tenant of the Artist Rifles Clubhouse is Mr Mustafa who operates a private members club. The SAS is not party to the lease, neither is the Mars & Minerva Shooting Club.

(2) Mr Mustafa agreed terms for a new lease on 10th February 2017; this was confirmed by a Consent Order to the Court. We note Mr Mustafa is using Crowd funding to "see the litigation through" - however the litigation effectively finished when Mr Mustafa agreed the Consent Order filed at Court.

(3) Mr Mustafa agreed on 10th February 2017 that the level of new rent would be agreed by surveyors or, failing which, set by a RICS-appointed arbitrator. The arbitrator has been recently engaged to determine the level of rent.

(4) Rents are reviewed at the start of all new leases; rent for the Artists clubhouse has been proposed at a level similar to that recently set for other clubhouses at Bisley. All shooting clubs are special and the Artist clubhouse warrants no preferential treatment.

Andrew Mercer
Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

Updated: 16-Jun-17 (Original posting: 14-Jun-17)
Wanted Researcher to complete the History of the Athelings
WANTED The Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting is looking for someone to complete the History of The Athelings, 1910-2010, for which a significant quantity of background material has already been collected. The person concerned does not need to have been an Atheling, as the project covers an important element, not just of Cadet shooting, but of the Cadet movement as a whole. For further details, please contact Mrs Gina Ansell at Derby Lodge, 01485-473095, or Email:

Updated: 08-Jun-17 (Original posting: 08-Jun-17)
Great Britain Under 25 Team Captain - World Championships New Zealand 2019


Nominations are invited for the Captain of the Great Britain Under 25 Rifle Team to New Zealand 2019

Nominations in writing, signed by three proposers all of whom must be full annual or life members of the NRA, must be received by the Secretary General not later than 5pm on 23rd June 2017.

Nominations to be sent to

Updated: 05-Jun-17 (Original posting: 04-Jun-17)
Phoenix Meeting 2017 - Final Results
  • Click here to download the final Prize List
  • Click here to download the final Results

    Updated: 07-Jun-17 (Original posting: 30-May-17)
  • 2017 Birmingham Bisley - Results
    A weekend of mixed weather greeted the return of the Birmingham Bisley, but even the torrential downpour on Saturday afternoon did little to dampen the mood.

    Overall, the event was a great success with excellent camaraderie and good shooting throughout.

    Congratulations to all participants and especially Michael Cooper and Tom Smith in TR, who both produced consistently high scores to vie for the main prizes. In F/TR, Mark Downing produced an equally strong performance.

    Click here to download Saturday's Results

    Click here to download Sunday's Results

    Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper winner of the Grand Aggregate amongst a serious haul of trophies

    Updated: 23-May-17 (Original posting: 23-May-17)
    300M Championship - Results

    This 300M Championship attracted an excellent turnout this year, the best for several years. We look forward to hosting you again next year.

    To download the Results Click here

    Updated: 23-May-17 (Original posting: 23-May-17)
    148th Imperial Meeting Update

    If you have not yet entered the 148th Imperial Meeting then please don't wait as the early entry discount of 10% expires at midnight on the 31st May.

    Click here to enter

    Updated: 23-May-17 (Original posting: 23-May-17)
    Early Entry Draw - Winners
    The draw was made by Andrew Mercer today and we are delighted to congratulate the winners:

    First Prize (100% refund of entry fees) John Howe

    Second Prize (50% refund of entry fees) Alan Griffin

    Third Prize (25% refund of entry fees) Aubrey Sonnenberg

    Updated: 02-May-17 (Original posting: 02-May-17)
    Wimbledon Centre Court Tickets auction
    NRA Fund Manager Philip J Milton & Company PLC has kindly donated a pair of 2017 Centre Court Wimbledon Debenture seats on Day 6 (Saturday 8th July) together with passes for the Debenture Holders Lounge.

    We have decided to auction the tickets to raise funds for the Under 19 and Under 21 GB Teams in the NRA Overseas Team Fund.

    Bids for the auction will close at midday 28th May 2017 and the successful bidder will be confirmed at the Prize Giving for the Phoenix Meeting later that day.

    The two tickets are currently priced at 3,530; please email your bid to confirming your name and contact telephone number. Further details and terms and conditions can be found on the link below.

    This is a cracking opportunity for a very special day at Wimbledon and to support youth shooting.

    Our grateful thanks go to Philip Milton and his staff.

    To download the Auction details please Click here

    Wimbledon Center Court

    Updated: 22-May-17 (Original posting: 28-Apr-17)
    CSR & PR Handbook is now available to download

    Click here to download the latest handbook

    Updated: 26-Apr-17 (Original posting: 26-Apr-17)
    Ibis Open 2017 Results

    The Ibis Open Meeting was shot on Saturday 22nd April. The Sun shone but the wind was tricky. Andrew Wilde (LMRA) won the short-range match with 150-16, the Long-range (1000 and 1100) with 90-05 and thus the overall trophy.

    IBIS Open 2017 Grand Aggregate Results
    Click here
    To view the results for this event.

    Updated: 25-Apr-17 (Original posting: 25-Apr-17)
    Small-bore Long Range Match - RESULTS
    The Smallbore Long Range Match took place on Sunday 23 April in very favourable shooting conditions, providing a tough but thoroughly enjoyable challenge to all competitors and many excellent scores.

    The event saw matches at 200 yds and 300 yds in three classes - Match Rifle SB, Target Rifle SB and Service Rifle SB.

    For ammunition, most shooters were using R100, with Eley Tenex, Lapua Centre-X and RWS 50 the most popular.

    The top two places at each distance were:


    200 yds
    1st Mike Townsend 73.11v
    2nd Phil Morgan 73.9v

    300 yds
    1st Michael Haselgrove 68.6v
    2nd Mike Townsend 63.1v

    Overall Winner:

    1st Michael Haselgrove 138.12v
    2nd Mike Townsend 136.12v


    200 yds
    1st Phil Northam 69.5v
    2nd Peter Francis 69.3v

    300 yds
    1st Peter Francis 62.4v
    2nd Phil Northam 62.1v

    Overall Winner:

    1st Peter Francis 131.7v
    2nd Phil Northam 131.6v


    200 yds
    1st Steve Isherwood 68.5v

    300 yds
    1st Gavin Moffatt 54.2v

    Overall Winner:

    Steve Isherwood 115.6v

    Click here for full results

    Updated: 24-Apr-17 (Original posting: 24-Apr-17)
    Met Police Firearms Licensing Survey
    We have been working closely with the Firearms Licensing Team at the Met. Police to improve the service to licence holders in their area. They have asked us to help publicise their online survey for Met Police certificate holders to complete following any transaction with them (i.e. grant, renewal etc.). There are only 20 questions which should take not more than 5 mins to complete, but will be of great help to them to understand the quality of service they provide and how they can improve. The link to the survey is: I will be pleased if NRA members served by the Met Police could complete the survey; we recognise the considerable efforts they have made to improve their service to the shooting community and applaud their desire for honest feedback.
    Updated: 21-Apr-17 (Original posting: 21-Apr-17)
    RCO Instruction Manual (Edition Seven)

    Range Conducting Officers' Course Instruction Manual (Edition Seven) can be purchased by current, in date NRA RCOs for 7.90 + 1.00 P&P.

    To order a manual please contact Training by telephone on 01483 797777 ext 149 or by email.

    Updated: 03-Apr-17 (Original posting: 03-Apr-17)
    CSR Winter League - April 2017 - Final Results
    The final CSR League match was greeted with beautiful Spring weather, although the morning northerly breeze tumbling over the trees in Butts 18 & 19 made for some tricky wind calls.

    Shooting from 600 yds to 100 yds in 10 stages, the Imperial Match is a very challenging event and perfect to decide the final league positions.

    The AM Imperial Match Long Range winners were:

    HISTORIC - Hywel Davies 78 pts
    PRACTICAL - John Morgan-Hosey 220 pts
    SERVICE - Peter Cottrell 222 pts

    The PM Imperial Match Short Range winners were:

    HISTORIC - Jon Foreman 78 pts
    PRACTICAL - Colin Hudson 229 pts
    SERVICE - Adam Chapman 236 pts

    After over 700 rounds fired across the League, the provisional final standings indicate how competitive this type of shooting is becoming.

    2016/17 CSR LEAGUE:


    1st - Hywel Davies - 993.48

    2nd - Jon Foreman - 837.79


    1st - Doug Cross - 950.99

    2nd - Andy Littler - 873.71


    1st - John Morgan-Hosey - 979.33

    2nd - Nick St Aubyn - 975.44

    3rd - Colin Hudson - 970.00


    1st - Peter Cottrell - 990.17

    2nd - Adam Chapman - 988.34

    3rd - John Chambers - 963.63

    Click here to download the final results for Sun 2 Apr.

    Click here to download the final league standing as of Sun 2 Apr.

    Updated: 07-Apr-17 (Original posting: 02-Apr-17)
    Historic Service Rifle Match - 1 Apr 2017 - Provisional Results
    A record number of competitors enjoyed the Historic Service Rifle Match in mixed conditions.

    It was especially pleasing to see members of the British Young Shooters Association taking part, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

    Provisional results are here:

    Click here to download the provisional results for the Historic Service Rifle Match, Sat 1 April 2017.

    Please direct challenges or queries via email to by midday Thursday 6 April.

    Updated: 02-Apr-17 (Original posting: 02-Apr-17)
    148th Imperial Meeting - Online Entries Open (TR, MR & F Class)

    The 148th Imperial Meeting will be contested from 16th June to 22nd July 2017. Entries for the various elements are available below.

    MR/TR/F Class online entries close 17:00 - Mon 19 June

    Click here to enter TR, MR and F Class Online

    Click here to download the TR and MR entry form.
    Click here to download the F Class entry form.

    Paper copies are available from NRA Reception and the Range Office.

    Early Entry Draw: This draw is open to all entries over 50 received by 1 May 2017.

    The draw will be made by Andrew Mercer, NRA Secretary General, and the winners announced on Tuesday 2 May 2017.

    First Prize: 100% refund of entry fee
    Second Prize: 50% refund of entry fee
    Third Prize: 25% refund of entry fee

    Early Entry Discount: Enter before 1 June 2017 to receive a 10% discount on entries.

    Schools' Meeting 2017
    Click here to enter online

    Entry Systems for all other Imperial competitions:
    Service Rifle, CSR, Methuen, Adaptive, GR&P, Imperial Historic Arms Meeting, Teams will be online early April.

    Astor County Championship:
    Please click here to find the information and claim form for the Astor County Championship being held on the First Friday of the Imperial Meeting 2017

    Key Dates are:

    16 June: NRA Individual Service Rifle Matches

    27 - 28 June: NRA Team Service Matches

    22 June: NRA Military Adaptive Championship

    28 June - 2 July: Civilian Service Rifle Meeting

    7 - 9 July: Inter Schools Cadet Rifle Meeting

    7 - 13 July: Match Rifle Meeting

    8 - 9 July: Imperial Historic Arms Meeting

    10 - 13 July: Schools Meeting

    12 - 16 July: Gallery Rifle & Pistol Meeting

    14 - 18 July: F Class Meeting

    14 - 22 July: Target Rifle Meeting

  • Click here to download the TR Class list for 2017.
  • Click here to find your TRID.

    Updated: 30-Mar-17 (Original posting: 30-Mar-17)
  • Spring Action Weekend 2017 - Final Results
    Spring Action Weekend - 25 & 26 March 2017

    Click here for Final Results

    Click here for Final Prize List

    Updated: 05-Apr-17 (Original posting: 29-Mar-17)
    148th Imperial - TR/MR and F Class Online Entries
    Entry Forms and the online entry system for Imperial TR, MR and F Class will be available on the NRA website from Thursday 30 March at 10.00.

    Updated: 28-Mar-17 (Original posting: 28-Mar-17)
    GB Rifle Team to Canada 2017

    Unfortunately, I must inform you that Jon M Ford has had to withdraw from my team to Canada this year. I thank Jon for applying and supporting the team, to date.

    We have selected Phillip Chapman-Sheath as Jon's replacement. I welcome Philip to the team, who will also take on the role as team Doctor.

    Please click here for the revised team list.

    Chris Weeden

    Updated: 28-Mar-17 (Original posting: 28-Mar-17)
    Astor Claim Form 2017

    Please find below the information and claim form for the Astor County Championship being held during the Imperial Meeting 2017.

    Click here to download the information

    Updated: 21-Mar-17 (Original posting: 21-Mar-17)
    NRA Signed Accounts for 2016

    NRA Financial Statements for year ended 31 December 2016 now available.

    To download and view the NRA Financial Statements for year ended 31 December 2016 Please click here

    Updated: 21-Mar-17 (Original posting: 21-Mar-17)
    Derbyshire Challenge 2017 - Results and Review

    Held at Thorpe Cloud Rifle Range on Saturday the 11th of March

    What a fantastic day! For those 8 F Class and 11 TR shooters who attended, this was an unbelievable opportunity to shoot on our historic rifle range.

    Click here to download the results and read the full review.

    Updated: 17-Mar-17 (Original posting: 17-Mar-17)
    CSR Final Results - Saturday 4 March
    The CSR League moved to Ash Ranges where 115 competitors took on two challenging but hugely enjoyable matches.

    The Roupell Match consists of 4 Stages, shot in various positions, with limited exposures and multiple targets at varying distances.

    After a short break the afternoon match was the Roberts - a 50 round match shot prone, kneeling and sitting.

    The Ash Ranges team were excellent and the SARTS system worked faultlessly.

    Final results are here

    League standings as of March are here

    Updated: 10-Mar-17 (Original posting: 04-Mar-17)
    CSR Winter League - April 2017
    This is the last match in the CSR 2016/17 league.

    This popular Winter League competition is running from October 2016 to April 2017.

    Click here to enter online.

    Click here to download the paper entry form.

    Click here to download the CoF.

    Updated: 02-Mar-17 (Original posting: 02-Mar-17)
    GB Rifle Team to Canada 2018

    I have been honoured by the Council of the National Rifle Association with the captaincy of the GB Rifle Team to Canada in August 2018 on the occasion of the DCRA 150th Anniversary.

    John Stevens has agreed to be the team's Vice-Captain and Martin Liversage the Adjutant.

    The team will compete in the Ontario Rifle Association meeting and the DCRA Championships in Ottawa and the duration of the tour will be approximately 2 weeks.

    All interested in applying for selection for team should write to me at before July 28th 2017.

    I aim to select a team with a range of ages & experience that is representative of all parts of the UK.

    Financial support may be available for U25 applicants who have not yet toured with a senior GB team - please contact me for more details.

    John Warburton

    Updated: 01-Mar-17 (Original posting: 01-Mar-17)
    NRA Rifle Team to the Channel Islands in May 2018

    I have been honoured by the Council of the National Rifle Association with the captaincy of the NRA Rifle Team to the Channel Islands in May 2018. Chris Watson and Jon Ford have agreed to be Vice-Captain and Adjutant respectively. Chris brings a wealth of top level team shooting experience, having competed in the 'Big Five' and the Commonwealth games. In addition to being a GB shooter, Jon has also toured with the NRA team recently.

    The provisional tour dates are Friday 25th May to Sunday 3rd June 2018 to compete in both the Guernsey and Jersey Spring meetings.

    There is also a traditional match vs the LMRA expected to be on the Thursday 24th May. This totals 6 working days.

    Application forms can be requested by sending an email to

    The closing date for applications is the 23rd July.

    I am looking to select a team of coaches and shooters who are currently county or national level (or equivalent) and are eager to make the step up to a senior GB team.

    Paul Wheeler
    NRA Team, CI 2018

    Updated: 27-Feb-17 (Original posting: 27-Feb-17)
    Range improvement works on Century and Stickledown

    All members are reminded that there is range improvement work underway at Bisley.

    During the early part of 2017 the following firing points on Century will be improved.
    300yd in Butts 17, 18 & 19
    600yd in Butts 14 and 16.

    There is also some improvement and re-turfing on Stickledown
    Targets 36 to 50 at 1000yds
    Targets 1 to 20 at 1100yds
    Targets 21 to 35 at 1200yds

    Due to these firing points being out of use the lay down of the range may not be as you expect, if you have specialist requirements please be sure to mention them in the comments box when making a booking or call the Range Office before attending Bisley.

    Rick Wells
    Head of Range Services

    Updated: 21-Feb-17 (Original posting: 21-Feb-17)
    CSR Winter League - 5 Feb 2017 - Final Results
    116 shooters took part in the latest Civ SR League matches on Sun 5 Feb.

    With calm but chilly weather there was an opportunity for decent scores. The link to provisional results is below. One particular score is worthy of a special mention - John Chambers' score of 248 ex 250 in the Short Range Match may have set a new record. Outstanding.

  • Click here to download the finalresults for Sunday 5 Feb 2017.
  • Click here to download the up to date league standings, as of February.

    Updated: 09-Feb-17 (Original posting: 05-Feb-17)
  • Renewal of Home Office Approval

    It has come to the NRA's attention that the Home Office and police are no longer sending reminders that Clubs' Home Office Approvals are due for renewal. Allowing Approval to lapse can have significant consequences for a club and its members, in three main ways:

    Approval is a condition of holding a licence to use MoD ranges, so access to those may be denied.

    Approval is essential to enable members to use full-bore rifles without a certificate, and may be necessary to allow members to use small-bore rifles without a certificate.

    Holding a Firearm Certificate for target shooting usually requires an Approved club to be named on the certificate, so if club Approval lapses the validity of members' FACs may be compromised.

    Secretaries are urged to check the renewal date of their club's Approval. If the Approval has lapsed and further advice is required, please contact the NRA Safety, Legal & Technical Officer.

    Updated: 14-Feb-17 (Original posting: 03-Feb-17)
    CSR Winter League - March 2017

    This popular Winter League competition is running from October 2016 to April 2017.

    The next event takes place on Sat 4 March at Ash ETR. We will be shooting two events that many CSR & PR shooters will remember with mixed emotions - the Roupell Match and the Roberts Match - both very challenging but also great fun. Details and the Courses of Fire can be found via the links below.

    Please note that due to limits on the range there will be a maximum of 120 competitors. As these matches are likely to be very popular we recommend submitting your entry soonest.

    Entries are now closed

    Click here to download the CoF.

    Updated: 27-Feb-17 (Original posting: 02-Feb-17)
    Home Office Approved Club - New Fees Proposals

    The Home Office has published a consultation which seeks views on the implementation of new fees for firearms licences that are issued by the Home Office including fees for Approval of shooting clubs.

    The proposals are based on setting the level of fees at rates that allow full cost recovery; the view of the NRA is that the rates quoted are wholly disproportionate to the actual work required and are either incorrectly calculated or represent a fundamentally inefficient processes.... Click here to read more and download the complete letter.

    Updated: 23-Jan-17 (Original posting: 23-Jan-17)
    The NRA 100

    2 prizes this year - a TR one the Swanston Trophy.

    Won for the 2nd year in a row by Layne Chisholm with a significant score standing, closely followed by Gaz Corfield in 2nd place & Andy Wilde in 3rd

    A Service Rifle entry & prize - a fine pewter model of an SMLE.

    Won for the first time by Chris Green of Brunel University Target Shooting Club, 2nd Harrison Daw beating his Dad Andy Daw GB TR team member into 3rd place - beaten by his son, on his own rifle, the only junior entrant this year - he better start get used to it!

    2017 competition entries to me ( a event shoot will be held for a number of entrants to shoot together end of Oct. A most unique & fun competition.

    To download and view the full results Click here

    Updated: 17-Jan-17 (Original posting: 17-Jan-17)
    GB Veterans Team to New Zealand 2019

    The following have been selected to join the training squad from which the final team will be chosen:

    Captain: John Webster, GB & England

    Vice Captain: Martin Townsend, GB & Ireland

    Adjutant: Jon Sweet, GB & Scotland

    Squad members:

    Nigel Ball, GB & England
    Simon Belither, GB & England
    John Bellringer, GB & England
    Charles Brooks, GB & England
    David Calvert, GB & Ireland
    George Cann, GB & England
    Paul Charlton, GB & Ireland
    Gary Childs, GB & England
    Robert Eayrs, England
    Chris Fitzpatrick, GB & Ireland
    Richard Gardiner, England
    Peter Griggs, GB & England
    Jonathan Haward, GB & England
    Andrew Lothian, GB and England
    James Mehta, GB & Scotland
    Andrew Morley, England
    Neil Moxon, GB & England
    Lindsay Peden, GB & Scotland
    David Richards, GB & England
    Reg Roberts, GB & England
    Mick Silver, GB & England
    Colin Skellett, GB & England

    Updated: 12-Jan-17 (Original posting: 12-Jan-17)
    2016 NRA Shotgun, Handgun and Minirifle League Results
    Please see below for results from the 2016 NRA Shotgun, Handgun and Minirifle leagues:
  • Click here for the 2016 NRA Shotgun League results.
  • Click here for the 2016 NRA Handgun League results.
  • Click here for the 2016 NRA Minirifle League results.

    Updated: 09-Jan-17 (Original posting: 09-Jan-17)
  • NEW product from GGG - .223 REM 69gr Ammunition
    NEW Product Availability from GGG .223 REM 69 gr

    We are very excited to be offering this new product from GGG which was delivered to us today.

    This ammunition received raving reviews in the December issue of Shooting Sports. Click here to read the article.

    We have limited availability at the introductory price of 825 pounds per 1000 rounds.

    To purchase the ammunition, please get in touch with the range office via the website
    or on 01483 797777ext 152.

    Updated: 06-Jan-17 (Original posting: 06-Jan-17)
    Daily Telegraph Article - Stolen and Missing Firearms - Correspondence

    To download and read the response letter from Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner, Special Operations Met Police to the original letter from Andrew Mercer subsequent to the Daily Telegraph Article on 31/10/2016 Click here

    Link to Telegraph Article on 31/10 2016

    Click here to download and view the original response letter from Andrew Mercer.

    Updated: 16-Dec-16 (Original posting: 16-Dec-16)
    CSR Winter League - 4 Dec 2016 - Final Results

    Please click here to download the final results for the CSR Winter League match, on Sunday 4 Dec 2016.

    Please click here to download the up to date league standings, as of December.

    Updated: 12-Dec-16 (Original posting: 04-Dec-16)
    Target Shotgun Festival - November 2016 - Results

    Please click here to download the results of the November 2016 Target Shotgun Festival, including Round 10 of the NRA Shotgun League.

    Updated: 15-Nov-16 (Original posting: 15-Nov-16)
    CSR Winter League - 5 Nov 2016 - Final Results

    Please click here to download the final results for the CSR Winter League match, on Saturday 5 Nov 2016.

    Please click here to download the up to date league standings, as of November.

    Updated: 10-Nov-16 (Original posting: 05-Nov-16)
    NRA Response to the Mark Rowley Daily Telegraph Article

    Letter from Andrew Mercer to Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner Special Operations Met Police in response to the article published in the Daily Telegraph this week.

    Link to Telegraph Article on 31/10 2016

    Click here to download and view the response letter

    Updated: 02-Nov-16 (Original posting: 02-Nov-16)
    Security Warning

    Over the last few weeks three different members of Aintree Pistol Club have been attacked and robbed of their guns (and Archery Bow) when returning home from a club visit.

    These attacks took place outside their home addresses when returning from a club meeting; it is uncertain as to whether they were followed home or if the attackers were there waiting for them.

    It has also been reported that members of the club have on returning to their car at the end of the night found one or two flat tyres; there may be a relationship between these incidents and the attacks.

    Please take extra care and precautions when returning home from your shooting range on these darker nights.

    Andrew Mercer
    Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

    Updated: 29-Oct-16 (Original posting: 29-Oct-16)
    NRA/HBSA Round Bull & Tin Hat Targets
    Following discussions with the HBSA, the NRA has a new set of Round Bull & Tin Hat targets for use by Classic and Historic shooters.

    The targets are based on the 1971 HBSA target dimensions and cover 200 yds, 300 yds and a 500/600 yards target face.

    These targets were used at the recent Trafalgar Meeting and will be included in future NRA events such as The Phoenix and Imperial Historic Arms Meeting as well as the Trafalgar.

    Click here to view the target dimensions

    Updated: 19-Oct-16 (Original posting: 19-Oct-16)
    GB Palma Team 2019 - Initial Squad announcement
    The initial training squad for the GB Palma team for 2019 in New Zealand has been announced and can be found at the link below. Palma Squad

    Updated: 26-Sep-16 (Original posting: 26-Sep-16)
    GB Team Announcement for Canada 2017

    The following shooters have been selected to represent Great Britain in the matches in Canada 2017.

    Chris Weeden
    august 2016

    To download and view the full list of team members Click here

    Updated: 22-Aug-16 (Original posting: 22-Aug-16)
    GB Veterans Rifle Team to New Zealand 2019

    I have been honoured by the Council of the National Rifle Association with the captaincy of the GB Veterans Rifle Team to New Zealand in January/February 2019. Martin Townsend (GB & Ireland) has agreed to be the team's Vice-Captain and Jon Sweet (GB & Scotland) the team's Adjutant. The 2019 World Individual and Team matches are to be held at Trentham, and the duration of the tour is likely to be three weeks in late January/early February 2019.

    All those eligible and interested in applying to be selected for this team should write to me at or via the NRA before October 31st 2016. To be eligible, applicants must be 60 years of age on or before the first day of the Veterans World Individual Championship, currently anticipated to be 30th January 2019. A short shooting CV should accompany your application.

    John Webster
    Captain, GB Veterans, NZ 2019

    Updated: 10-Aug-16 (Original posting: 10-Aug-16)
    2016 Imperial Individual Scores Available
    UPDATED with this year's Imperial meeting scores. All scores from 1999 to 2016....Ever needed to look up your (or other's) scores from the Imperial Meeting?
    Updated: 01-Aug-16 (Original posting: 01-Aug-16)
    TR Class List for 2017

    Unfortunately, we had quite a few people making errors in their classifications for this years Imperial so for your guidance the 2017 list is now published.
    We will also endeavour make it easy for people to look it up at the time of entry.

    TR class List for 2017 Click Here

    Updated: 25-Jul-16 (Original posting: 25-Jul-16)
    DIO range at Beckingham now available for use by NRA clubs

    I am pleased to report that the DIO range at Beckingham in Lincolnshire is now available for use by NRA affiliated clubs.
    This follows the completion of work to repair damage caused by heavy rain.

    Nicholas Couldrey
    Regional Ranges Manager

    Updated: 19-Jul-16 (Original posting: 19-Jul-16)
    Approved Clubs - New Home Office Guidance

    The Home Office has just published new guidance for Approved Rifle and Pistol Clubs; key changes include:-

    Guest Members

    We are pleased that the NRA's amendments have been accepted; the definition of "guest member" has been extended to include any member of another Approved Club; and visitors with a FAC or Visitor's permit.

    This is helpful and will allow Approved Clubs greater opportunities to broaden the use of guest membership. For example guests who are members of another Approved Club or possess a FAC or Visitor's permit will not require one-to-one supervision, and may be invited to shoot in club competitions and events.

    Clubs are required to notify the police of guest days only where the guest(s) are neither / nor members of another Approved Club or visitors with a FAC or Visitor's permit.

    The NRA Club Insurance policy covers guest membership; we will review this cover at the end of this year in the light of these new regulations.

    The long standing requirement for Clubs shooting at Bisley to notify the range office of guest days continue; this allows range staff to monitor the activities / supervision of shooters without NRA Shooter Certification Cards (NRA SCC).

    For the avoidance of doubt all Club members (including all categories of guests) who shoot at Bisley and MoD ranges who do not have an relevant NRA SCC must be supervised on a one-to-one basis by a club member with a relevant NRA SCC or NRA qualified instructor.

    Membership Application, Cessation of Membership, Attendance and Non-Attendance

    Applications for new membership to be notified to the police must now include full name with date and place of birth.

    An attendance register should be kept of all members; for those members with a FAC the register should include the calibre, type and serial number of the firearm(s) used and date used. The NRA's membership database has an online facility for members to record their shooting and includes a helpful print facility.

    Clubs are required to notify the police if a membership ceases (within 1 month notice) or if the member has not shot (as soon as practicable and ideally within 1 month notice) with the club for a period of 12 months; the police will then check that FAC holders are still regularly using their firearms. This requirement does not extend to Guest Members.

    Club Officers

    Club officers are required to ensure they are aware of firearms laws relevant to the membership of the clubs and use their best efforts to ensure that all members remain of good character. The NRA's professional staff can provide advice; contact the membership department in the first instance.

    The police have good intelligence regarding the conduct of FAC holders; this is not necessarily the case with members of Approved Clubs who do not possess their own FAC and clubs should remain alert to changes in these members' circumstances.

    Ranges and Insurance

    Approved clubs are expected to have access to a range deemed suitable to their approval (full bore, small bore and muzzle loading pistol); and have adequate financial arrangements (such as the NRA club insurance policy) in place to meet any injury or damage claim.

    For full details of the new Home Office Guidance click here

    Updated: 19-Sep-16 (Original posting: 18-Jul-16)
    Banning of Lead in Ammunition

    We are very pleased to report the recommendation from the Lead Ammunition, Wildlife and Human Health Group to ban lead in ammunition has been rejected by the Secretary of State.

    This is good news for the shooting community and a direct result of many shooting organisations working productively together.

    To see the letter from the Secretary of State Click here

    Andrew Mercer
    Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

    Updated: 14-Jul-16 (Original posting: 14-Jul-16)
    Rule 150 Enquiry

    The NRA has concluded three investigations related to long standing concerns regarding Rule 150, in particular adherence to bore and chamber dimension regulations, associated matters relating to the relationship with the British Proof Authority, and the administration of rule changes.

    Three independent projects were commissioned by the Trustees at the behest of General Council, namely:

    (1) The NRA instructed Nicholas Doherty, a barrister with significant expertise on firearms matters, to advise on certain allegations of illegal activity made in respect of Rule 150. He has provided his Opinion to the NRA, in which he confirms that:

    (a) neither implementing Rule 150 of the Rules of Shooting with an additional concession that is not referred to in the 1999 Memorandum nor allowing the use in competitions of rifles with reduced chamber dimensions as described in Rule 150 resulted in the NRA committing any offence under the Proof Acts, or breaching the International Proof Convention or breaching any duty it owes to its members; and

    (b)a person does not commit an offence under the Proof Acts if he submits for proof-testing pursuant to the 1999 Memorandum, a firearm with non-standard dimensions but fails to certify the specific non-standard dimensions required to be certified to the Proof House under the 1999 Memorandum.

    (2) The British Proof Authority carried out a set of tests, on behalf of the NRA, to test the effect of freebore distance on Mean Pmax for values from zero up to the maximum as used in CIP standard test barrels. These confirm that:

    (a) The working pressure in a rifle which complies with Rule 150 does not exceed 4150 Bar, the maximum allowed by CIP, when used with NRA Specification issued ammunition

    (b) No cartridge fired during the trials exceeded or even came close to 4772 Bar, the maximum pressure permitted by CIP for a single cartridge; and

    (c) There is no ?spike? (sudden increase) in pressure when freebore becomes negative as has been claimed.

    (3) The Council appointed two recently elected legally qualified Trustees, Alice Gran and David Lacey, to conduct an enquiry to review the manner in which the NRA has dealt with Rule 150 in connection with the British Proof Authority Memorandum of June 1999. Their main conclusions were:

    (a) There was some lack of oversight in recording the nature and extent of changes to Rule 150

    (b) There was no evidence that any competitor obtained an unfair advantage in competition as a result in the way that the NRA addressed compliance with Rue 150; and

    (c) There was no suggestion that the NRA failed to comply with any requirement relating to safety

    For the full reports click below

    NRA Opinion of Mr Doherty - final version 30 June 2015 Click here
    Rule 150 Report - Alice Gran and David Lacey - 20 June 2016 Click here
    Proof House Trials 2015 Website Version Click here

    Updated: 11-Jul-16 (Original posting: 11-Jul-16)
    MR/TR/F Class online entries close 1700 hrs - Monday 27 June

    The next Imperial Meeting will be contested from 23 June to 23 July 2016.

    MR/TR/F Class online entries close 1700 hrs on Monday 27 June

    Entries for the various meetings are available here.

    Updated: 13-Jun-17 (Original posting: 14-Jun-16)
    Fire with Movement - Civilian Gun Clubs Using MoD Ranges.

    The National Rifle Association Civilian Service Rifle and Practical Rifle disciplines are recognised target shooting sports. Matches consist of rifle shooting practices that are designed to test marksmanship skills in a variety of positions in conditions designed to put mental and physical demands on the ability of the competitor to hit the target. The sport has an excellent safety record and has been shot on many MoD Ranges since the late 1970s.

    The MoDs Defence Ranges Safety Committee Working Group have decided to formally prohibit the practice of civilian gun clubs firing practices involving "fire with movement" on MoD ranges. This restriction does not apply to Bisley or other private ranges.

    The NRA defines "fire with movement" as: "Any movement away from a firing point with a rifle made ready".

    Under this definition movement between firing points with a rifle made ready (i.e. loaded, with a round in the chamber and safety catch applied) is prohibited. Movement between firing points with a rifle not made ready is permitted. This eliminates the risk of a rifle functioning if dropped.

    If you have any queries please contact Iain Robertson (Safety, Legal and Technical Services) at the NRA.

    Updated: 06-Jun-16 (Original posting: 06-Jun-16)
    Invitation for Applicants - GB Palma Team to New Zealand 2019

    I have been honoured with the captaincy our next Palma team, due to compete in New Zealand in early 2019. My vice-captain, team treasurer and fund-raising co-ordinator is Chris Hockley; Nick Tremlett takes on the critical role of head of coaching and training, and Dave Rose takes on the demanding task of adjutant. This brief constitutes a calling notice for applications to the initial Palma squad, selection for which is already underway. To read more Click here

    Thank you

    David Calvert
    Captain GB Palma Team 2019

    2 May 2016

    Updated: 04-May-16 (Original posting: 04-May-16)
    New charges for civilian use of MoD ranges

    Details of new charges for civilian use of military ranges are now available Click here to download and view

    A Letter from Defence Infrastructure Organisation regarding the use of their ranges is also available Click here to download and view

    For further information please contact the NRA Regional Ranges Manger Nic Couldrey

    Telephone 01483 797777 or by email Nic Couldrey

    Updated: 19-Jan-16 (Original posting: 19-Jan-16)
    Electronic targets trial update

    The six e-Targets were used for a total of 18 shooting days for the trial period to assess what we needed to learn to best manage their operation in terms of target attrition, maintenance cycle, de-leading the backstop and management of shooters on the firing line.

    During that time 68,739 rounds were fired at them with an average of over 10,000 at each target.

    One target had over 10 transmission errors and/or incomplete noise registrations on the target the others were either none or 1 or 2.

    One target had its electronics shot out. We suspected an incorrectly zeroed rifle was the cause as 5 shots were grouped in that area.

    The major issue for general use was the wiring when moving the targets and monitors proved not as reliable as we would like. A plan is in motion to resolve this.

    A Selection of written comments from users are below.

    Member VL. Would like a user manual. This was produced in advance but not in sufficient numbers apparently or handed out to shooters.

    Member SE. Thanks very much for your help with the targets, we had a really good mornings shooting.

    Member MK. I have a serious complaint to make regarding the amount of ammunition I was forced to fire while shooting on the new electronic targets at 200 yards this morning. Only joking of course, they were bloody marvellous!!!! I did shoot a fair amount of ammo though but absolutely no complaints at all, that's what we come to Bisley for.
    Congratulations all round to the NRA, best things since sliced bread.

    Updated: 12-Jan-16 (Original posting: 11-Jan-16)
    EU Directive on Firearms Control - Have Your Say

    I would urge all NRA members to register your concerns and provide feedback to the European Commission on their proposals for further firearms control - follow

    The key points you may wish to register include:-

    Restrictions on semi-automatic rifles

    In the UK .22 rim-fire rifles and semi-automatic shotguns are used by tens of thousands of shooters for target shooting and essential pest control. Large calibre semi-automatic rifles are already prohibited in the UK; there is no rational benefit to public safety from prohibiting small calibre rifles and semi-automatic shotguns. The proposals to ban "semi-automatic firearms for civilian use which resemble weapons with automatic mechanisms" is illogical - a great deal of confusion will result by attempting to legislate against form rather than function.

    Distracting Scarce Law Enforcement Resources

    There is virtually no link between legally held firearms and those used with illegal / evil intent. The EU proposals threaten diverting scarce law enforcement resources away from the real risk areas to harassing hundreds of thousands of law abiding shooters, collectors and traders across the EU from their safe and responsible activities.

    The proposals include greater restrictions on Firearms Collectors - collecting firearms is a passion enjoyed by many and there is no published evidence that demonstrates the need for greater restrictions - it is iniquitous to legislate merely on the possibility that collecting might cause a problem; and a ban on possession of deactivated fully automatic firearms by other than authorised museums - it is estimated that 230,000 firearms have been deactivated in the UK since 1988; they are non-functional and non-lethal and thus unlicensed - to confiscate them would demand substantial police resources and lead to substantial compensation claims payable by the British Government.

    There are additional unnecessary proposals for Firearms Certificates to be limited to a maximum five years duration (rather than a more sensible ten); sound moderators to be controlled as an "essential component" (moderators are widely used in stalking and vermin control and restrictions on them should be relaxed, not increased); registration of deactivated firearms (harmless items, the numbers and locations of which are unknown); and ban / restriction of disguised firearms (mainly Victorian walking stick shotguns, for which there is no record of criminal misuse).

    Andrew Mercer
    Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

    Updated: 16-Dec-15 (Original posting: 15-Dec-15)
    Letter to Members of the European Parliament


    EU Commission Proposals on Weapons Control

    We understand the recent EU Draft Directive will be introduced to MEPs in December and voted on by the European Parliament in January. If enacted, some of the proposed measures would have severe consequences for the law abiding shooting sports, trade and collecting communities. Terrorists do not obtain firearms through normal licensed channels and the proposed EU restrictions will do almost nothing to reduce the quantity of firearms available to those with criminal intent.

    The NRA urges you to scrutinise these proposals with great care; please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further details.

    Andrew Mercer

    Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

    Click here to view and download the full letter to the Eu Parliament.

    Updated: 04-Dec-15 (Original posting: 04-Dec-15)
    Last Minute Range Availability

    This Weeks Last Minute Range Availability at Bisley

    Click here to download this weeks availability

    Click here to login and book a range slot

    Updated: 04-Jun-15 (Original posting: 08-Apr-15)
    Range Attire

    Reviewing the many excellent images of shooting at Bisley has prompted some thoughts about how we are presenting our sport to the wider world. Winter months and unkind weather demand warm and weather proof clothing and occasionally the appearance of some of our shooters could mislead the uninformed public that we are engaged in quasi-military activity rather than our sport of target shooting.

    I would ask members and their guests to take a moment to think how their style of dress would be perceived by a member of the public ignorant of our sport; in today's world of social media and cameras in every pocket we need to remain responsible and vigilant. If your attire, on honest reflection, could be mistaken as military uniform then it would be wise to change.

    We have no desire to be prescriptive and the thought of drafting dress codes is a hideous prospect; I am sure that common sense will prevail and shooters will enjoy their sport in warm, dry and appropriate clothing.

    Happy Christmas and New Year.

    Andrew Mercer
    Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

    Updated: 11-Dec-14 (Original posting: 11-Dec-14)
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