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General Council Ballot - July 2017

The results of the recent vote to elect five members of General Council were announced at the July 2017 Bisley General Meeting.

2,013 voting papers were received of which 14 were spoiled; the total number of votes cast was 8,897.

The results in ascending order were as follows:

Tim Stewart 583
Barry Morgan 754
Peter Hobson 1,027
Nick Brasier 1,236
David Crispin 1,246
Silke Lohmann 1,291
John Bloomfield 1,364
David Calvert 1,396

David Calvert, John Bloomfield, Silke Lohmann, David Crispin and Nick Brasier were duly elected to serve as members of General Council

Updated: 02-Aug-17 (Original posting: 02-Aug-17)

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