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Artist Rifles Clubhouse
Members may be aware of continuing publicity regarding litigation related to the lease renewal of the Artist Rifles Clubhouse.

Please note the following:

(1) It has been repeatedly stated that the NRA is seeking a 500% increase in rent. This is incorrect; the annual rent payable was 3,150 and the tenant was offered a revised rent of 10,000 at a meeting on 24th November 2016 held at the offices of Sir Julian Brazier. The tenant refused this offer and insisted the rent be determined by our respective surveyors; the NRA reluctantly agreed to this costly proposal.

(2) The Artist Rifles clubhouse occupies a prime position on Bisley Camp, extends to 4,600 square feet of building space and includes 9 bedrooms, generous lounge, bar, dining room and kitchen.

(3) Claims that hundreds of thousands of pounds have been invested in the clubhouse are not supported by the professional surveyor's valuation report commissioned by the tenant dated 6th October 2016 which conservatively assessed the costs of tenant?s improvements to the clubhouse at 61,200.

(4) The NRA has no intention of closing the clubhouse; it is an attractive feature of Bisley Camp. The litigation (now settled by consent) concerned the terms of lease and the current arbitration process concerns the amount of rent, not whether the clubhouse would be closed.

The NRA continues to work with 108 tenants on Bisley Camp; lease renewals are a routine part of our estate management and the vast majority are concluded amicably without resort to litigation. Two new leases for clubhouses have already been signed this year; their tenants continue to prosper and invest in improving their facilities for their members.

Andrew Mercer

Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

Updated: 07-Jul-17 (Original posting: 07-Jul-17)

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