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NRA Falling Plates Match - Saturday 1 July
The 2017 Falling Plates Match will be staged on Ash Ranges, No 2 Range, on Saturday 1 July, from 1700-1900.

This hotly contested event will be shot in two classes: Modern and Historic, providing an entertaining mix of fitness and marksmanship. Teams of 4 have to sprint / run / jog / meander from the start point to the firing point, and knock down 10 plates as quickly as possible, each plate about 2ft square at a distance of 200 yds.

This is actually quite difficult after running 100 yds (30 yds for the Historic shooters).

The winning team goes through to the next round while the loser hopes for a second chance depending on the time taken.

Last year the LPSC retained the Challenge Cup edging the strong French CSAG by a single plate.

The Historic class final was an all LERA affair, with LERA Overlord out-shooting the LERA Goodwood team.

The event is open to spectators and the post code for Ash Ranges is GU12 5ER.
The deadline for entries is 12.00 on Friday 30 June: Click here to enter

Updated: 23-Jun-17 (Original posting: 23-Jun-17)

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