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Artist Rifles Clubhouse

Members may be aware of recent publicity regarding litigation related to the lease renewal of the Artist Rifles Clubhouse.

Please note the following:-

(1) The tenant of the Artist Rifles Clubhouse is Mr Mustafa who operates a private members club. The SAS is not party to the lease, neither is the Mars & Minerva Shooting Club.

(2) Mr Mustafa agreed terms for a new lease on 10th February 2017; this was confirmed by a Consent Order to the Court. We note Mr Mustafa is using Crowd funding to "see the litigation through" - however the litigation effectively finished when Mr Mustafa agreed the Consent Order filed at Court.

(3) Mr Mustafa agreed on 10th February 2017 that the level of new rent would be agreed by surveyors or, failing which, set by a RICS-appointed arbitrator. The arbitrator has been recently engaged to determine the level of rent.

(4) Rents are reviewed at the start of all new leases; rent for the Artists clubhouse has been proposed at a level similar to that recently set for other clubhouses at Bisley. All shooting clubs are special and the Artist clubhouse warrants no preferential treatment.

Andrew Mercer
Group Chief Executive & Secretary General

Updated: 16-Jun-17 (Original posting: 14-Jun-17)

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