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Small-bore Long Range Match - RESULTS
The Smallbore Long Range Match took place on Sunday 23 April in very favourable shooting conditions, providing a tough but thoroughly enjoyable challenge to all competitors and many excellent scores.

The event saw matches at 200 yds and 300 yds in three classes - Match Rifle SB, Target Rifle SB and Service Rifle SB.

For ammunition, most shooters were using R100, with Eley Tenex, Lapua Centre-X and RWS 50 the most popular.

The top two places at each distance were:


200 yds
1st Mike Townsend 73.11v
2nd Phil Morgan 73.9v

300 yds
1st Michael Haselgrove 68.6v
2nd Mike Townsend 63.1v

Overall Winner:

1st Michael Haselgrove 138.12v
2nd Mike Townsend 136.12v


200 yds
1st Phil Northam 69.5v
2nd Peter Francis 69.3v

300 yds
1st Peter Francis 62.4v
2nd Phil Northam 62.1v

Overall Winner:

1st Peter Francis 131.7v
2nd Phil Northam 131.6v


200 yds
1st Steve Isherwood 68.5v

300 yds
1st Gavin Moffatt 54.2v

Overall Winner:

Steve Isherwood 115.6v

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Updated: 24-Apr-17 (Original posting: 24-Apr-17)

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