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  April 2017
Sat 01 Apr Historic Service Rifle Match 13.00-17.30 (National Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley)

The NRA are staging another Historic Service Rifle Match on the afternoon of Saturday 1 April. The following day, Sunday 2 April, sees the last of the Civilian SR Winter League - so shooters may wish to combine both for an enjoyable weekend of challenging shooting!

The Historic SR Match is open to British SR in SR(a), in addition there is an All-Comers class for foreign SR. Prizes will be awarded for each class, according to the number of entries received.

The Course of Fire (CoF) is based on military practices shooting from standing, kneeling, sitting and prone. There are no Run Downs!

Targets will be a Fig 12 at 100 yds, then an NRA DP2 at 200 and 300 yds. The DP2 is a black & white target similar to a Fig 11, but will offer better target acquisition and sight picture than a standard brown/black Fig 11.The HBSA and LERA have been involved in the development of the event.

Prizegiving will follow shooting on range at approx 1730 hrs.

Entries are now closed

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    Contact(s): Shooting Division

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